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  • RE: Time to say goodbye

    @Darkhorde said in Time to say goodbye:

    @Prometheus does your project have a name or should i email you and ask this question? I would love to see what you come up with and help support good gaming.

    Thank you for your interest! We can't reveal the name yet. If you want to make sure you get notified when it's made public, get in touch with us via email and we'll inform you privately (in a couple weeks, hopefully) :slight_smile: Otherwise, it's very likely you'll read about it on the press anyway!

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  • RE: Server backup incident (04/28/17)

    @Sativao said in Server backup incident (04/28/17):

    i log now and i Don't see any NPC and Bank in game!

    Check it out again, it should all be there now :slight_smile:

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  • RE: Server backup incident (04/28/17)

    Database integrity has been restored and backup procedures improved. Servers have been back up for a few hours now.

    My work as a dev here is now officially concluded. I'll keep guaranteeing servers are running fine as a volunteer for everyone who still wishes to play some Linkrealms.

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  • RE: Time to say goodbye

    @Monomaxos said in Time to say goodbye:

    I wonder if mythyn will continue somehow developement even on a slow pace.

    I can't answer this question with absolute certainty as it's Mythyn business only, but I can tell you it's very unlikely Linkrealms will be developed more.

    @Monomaxos said in Time to say goodbye:

    I wonder what your next project will be but I am sure you will make a good job. Good luck with your new project. I am just hoping its not a mobile game. So many good old companies turned to mobile market.

    Thank you and don't worry, it's an MMO for Windows/Linux/Mac. No mobile market for us :slight_smile:

    @Siltoruz said in Time to say goodbye:

    @Prometheus You know who the real [RIP] was in this game :p

    You came second! Jarko was there first, many years ago ;)

    @Siltoruz said in Time to say goodbye:

    You know I ve targeted you many times in here, but in the end you deserve my congrats for your constant effort. I hope you make your new thing a masterpiece cause you deserve it!

    Many thanks to you (and to the others!) for your support, it means a lot to me. The announcement is coming soon, hope to see you again there!

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  • RE: Time to say goodbye

    @Clavicus said in Time to say goodbye:

    @Prometheus rip. (Get it?) :( Sigh. I'll be looking forward to the announcement of your next project. Gl in your future endeavors. Thanks for bringing back life to lr if even only for a time.

    Of course I do :slight_smile: Whenever I needed to create a guild while working on Linkrealms for testing purposes, I kept calling it Memento Mori [RIP]. Thank you for the wishes and for your constant support and dedication to the game Clav.

    I hope we'll still reach an agreement with Mythyn Interactive to give former Linkrealms players advantages when we put our project on Kickstarter. If not, that's still something we'll be willing to do on a personal basis, so let's keep in touch, my new contacts are written above.

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  • RE: Unrealisitic forum view numbers

    @Holya said in Unrealisitic forum view numbers:

    I clearly need to find something better to do with my time.

    I do agree ;) Anyway, the reason of these unusual visits are indeed bots. The website, forums and wiki (in general, the whole Linkrealms domain) have been under constant bot "attention" for years. I have no clue why, perhaps they do visits hoping to generate click backs to their spammy pages when we go through analytics.

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  • RE: Bad decisions...

    @PingPongLR said in Bad decisions...:

    I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life.

    However, most of them were fun, Including Linkrealms!

    Nearly 5+ years later seeing people come and go I always had that "gut feeling" instinct that something would progress.

    Saddest part was encouraging new players to join, and help them beyond measure, guiding them and keeping in contact only to my ultimate demise.

    Spending money (alot) over the years - some as a generous donation hoping to support the over-all outcome of the game. All the while dealing with outages "because the server burnt up in our hosting partners closet" @Prometheus

    Seeing people banned because they found a "bug" and being disrespected in a "Alpha-Beta"

    There was an awesome player base early on but progressed into a situation unable to be handled quickly due to a limited Dev Team.

    Shout outs go to First - Abby Normal, her hubby. Rewolf for dedicating your time to Mythrin.
    Second - @Prometheus for (this is hard) - Supplying me with a great group of players to meet who had a lot of input early on and is now coming to light (In Lor)

    You all have a great day.

    Sincerely - Ping-Pong

    Thank you for your passion for Linkrealms throughout these years, Ping-Pong. Your dedication was truly astonishing. As I'm leaving the development team myself, I hope we'll be able to keep in touch in the future.

    On a side note, nobody ever got banned for finding a bug in the last couple of years - unless the person was exploiting the bug and it was a critical one. If such a ban happened before we joined, I can't tell, but I somehow find it unlikely.

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  • RE: Server Offline..... Again....

    @Lobo @brandos @Darkhorde a serious server incident took place today - more info here. Sorry for the downtime!

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  • RE: Time to say goodbye

    @Meziljin said in Time to say goodbye:

    i missed something....

    U are going to announce your project here on mythyn forum?
    This forum is of Mythyn or yours?

    i wish to know how to track you and your team out of here (not only skype, i wish a website or another forum)

    tell me in private if u cannot post here pls

    This is the Linkrealms forum and it belongs to Mythyn Interactive, of course. If Mythyn Interactive decides to send a newsletter or drop a post here about our project as a "thank you" to us, it's up to Mythyn Interactive to decide. The safest way to keep in touch with us is through the contacts I've posted above, but feel free to write me a forum PM too.

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  • Server backup incident (04/28/17)

    Hi guys,

    today quite of a terrible incident took place in our PvP server. The server backup procedure failed in a way which should be theoretically impossible, and the following happened:

    • The data of a dozen characters was lost.
    • All guilds data was lost.

    Almost all of the characters lost had just been created. Only a couple belonged to long-term players who have already been contacted via email to rebuild their items.

    Guild data has been rebuilt from an older backup - you might find one of your newest guild members is no longer in the guild, but no more than that. In case your guild was very recent and therefore gone, get in touch with me via forum PM or to and I'll give you back a Guild Charter scroll.

    Game servers will stay offline until database integrity is restored and the underlying issues analyzed and solved.

    On a side note, this is my last task as developer of Linkrealms. More information here.


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