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  • RE: Multi-Accounting Rules/Security Theatre

    @Holya I wasn't told anything about there being any exceptions. We have rules in place that we expect our community to follow, some rules are not enforced as much as others, we do not feel we should ban someone for bumping their post before the 24 hour mark however something such as posting someones personal information we take more seriously. The best way to avoid punishment is to follow the rules and not try and find ways around them. We do not want to ban anyone if we can help it however depending on the severity and how many times a player has broken a rule we will then deliver a reasonable punishment.

    As for your Guild name, I was not the one who delivered the ban however you are lucky it was only temporary as we do not allow that sort of content or behavior in our community.

    I am not part of the development team however they feel they will be able to detect most multi-accounting attempts. Of course nothing is 100% detectable, there are ways around everything however if you are caught it will be a permanent ban on all accounts belonging to that player, simple as that. We will not punish a player out of pure assumption.

    It is best to avoid trying to find loopholes, as most of what you are asking for is some of what we are trying to prevent. If you wish to take the time and manually log into each account to scout then I don't see why not, as long as you do not have another account logged in at the same time.

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  • RE: Multi-Accounting Rules/Security Theatre

    @ItaloBrasil @vorgoth333 @Meziljin please do not reply if you do not have something to add to the conversation, calling someone names and calling them out for voicing their concerns is not allowed here, take it to the Duels&Battles section if you must.

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  • RE: Multi-Accounting Rules/Security Theatre

    We will not disclose how we will detect these players, just know that using multiple accounts at the same time will result in a permanent ban of all accounts belonging to that player. There is absolutely no multi-accounting allowed, you may own multiple accounts however you may not be logged into more than one at a time. Also, any attempts to find a "loophole" around these said rules will result in a permanent ban. Keep in mind that just because a rule does not specifically state that something is not allowed does not mean that it is.

    @Holya are you saying you will continue doing this and ignore these rules? Even if you do not technically do it, admitting to it is just as bad and may also result in a ban.

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  • RE: Say no to bullying

    @Kazallus we are aware that some players of the community can be quite toxic, we plan to do something about it very soon both on our forums and in-game.

    This discussion has gone on long enough and has derailed completely, it will now be locked.

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  • RE: Stuck glitch.

    Thank you for the report. I have passed this issue along to the development team to look into.

    posted in Bug Reports
  • RE: Telepads trapping players

    Does this happen with all telepads you've used or only certain ones? Also, are you forced to relog because of this or is it a temporary movement restriction?

    Thank you for the report, I've passed this along to the development team to check out.

    posted in Bug Reports
  • RE: First few quest after a server crash

    Hi @Furruya, unfortunately there has been a 30 minute rollback so all progress made approximately 30 minutes before the server went down has been lost. We cannot set individual quest progression, if it reset then you will need to start over.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and are doing all we can to ensure this doesn't happen again.

    posted in Bug Reports
  • RE: Mining Permit?

    Hi @Caide, once your permit runs out you will need to head into the wild to search for veins- which can be found in any realm. If you are a new player then you can safely mine the forest around Riverbank.

    posted in General Discussions & Feedback
  • RE: Chicken/Cockrel Arena?

    Hi @Caide, the rooster arena is not currently active however we plan to reopen it soon!

    posted in General Discussions & Feedback
  • RE: Safe always offline

    Hmm...that's odd. I've forwarded this issue over to the development team to take a look at. Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience.

    posted in Questions & Answers

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