Offering Work as GUI/ Graphic designer

  • Hello there. I've been keeping an eye on this game for a while, so I decided to offer you my help as a photoshop expert. I mainly design UI for mmo's. I'm offering help for free , as a volunteer, as a reward I'd only ask for a credit and decent certain privileges

    Contact me: Skype: Vahinator
    Steam: (ID) Vahinator , steam name - Dr.Love

    Some of my (very old) work:
    Medievil (1)
    Medievil ( 2)
    Ratchet & Clank (1) UI
    Gmod project (1) UI
    Gmod project (2) UI - very old and Really shit


    No luck here bud.. i have worked for blizzard and other places like this for many many years and still no gain.. i have a full resume standing at hand and yet not a thing or word about it.. not to mention i was a late alpha tester for this game.. i even tried free lance too.. just saying

  • Well then, I guess these guys must be very stupid, because I specialize in that exact area, which they really need to improve. If they are ignoring volunteer work than its either "high professionalism" or Utmost stupidity

  • Not trying to steal volunteer's away! But I know of a current project that is being tackled by two groups with the same goal.

    Game: Darkfall Online
    Group 1: Reverse Engineering (Emulator Build)
    Group 2: A group lead by a man with business sense, trying to buy/partner rights to use Darkfall Online as a Rea-launch from the company that owns the rights.


    • Each group is building an army of computer devs such as yourselves.
    • Darkfall Online was shutdown unannounced and a newer version was launched Darkfall Unholy Wars which has been a major fail from day 1.
    • A large group of around 5000 players are wanting DF1 back and so these 2 groups are trying to bring that want/wish into a reality.
    • Emulator Progress:
    • Emulator Forums:
    • Group 2 is sharing those forums for now.
    • What is Darkfall Online? Full loot open world pvp, no safe zones, racial wars but not limited to racial alliances, UO style banking/bag system, a wonderful crafting gathering system, mobs drop loots like in UO and Linkrealms. Beautiful dungeons and player built city's and hamlets and player ran. HUGE world. Navel combat. Intense siege mechanics. Skill based aim FPS style aim, no tab target. Mounts. Open world, no instances.
    • Test the Emulator out here:

    Videos of DF1:


    • You can msg me and I can be a middle man or you can join the forum link I posted and drop a new thread and just say Assassin Parks Brought you their and your looking to help!

    this post was NOT made to steal possible free workers from you. Nor was it made to steal potential players. This is only made so that if these guys do want to work for free in a helpful way I have a game they can do that in.

    I will play linkrealms and buy some starter packs and I will advertise this game heavily by streaming: I will also post and have been posting links of linrealm in facebook, steam, reddit, and other game forums.

    Advice: I would take these guys up on their free help. What have you guys got to lose?

  • @Scorpios thanks for you proposal, but we have already a new UI planned by members of our team and we are not looking for volunteer work on this field specifically.

    @aparks don't worry, you are free to post information about other project on our forums. I know there's still an old guard of players who long for the old Darkfall to be back, but mind that, as the history of other attempts teaches (see, for instance, Shadowbane and SWG), building an emulator is a much bigger job that one would think, one that can take years even with a few devs :) That being said, good luck to the guys, I'll keep an eye on the project myself. Next time, however, please leave such posts in the Off Topic section rather than here ;)

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