Fix cooking and farming.

  • So basically cooking is great for healing items and drinks for prospecting. You don't need much above Juicing and dough for any of this. Higher levels don't give you much. Im going for 50's for wine, but thats about it.

    Add onto the fact that anything besides grapes is only one time use is absolutely RIDICULOUS. It takes several REAL LIFE days for things to grow, and i get a single yield. That is way to long, and the incentives for doing this are almost none. You lose access to the public farms extremely early. Training cooking from this point on is at such a slow pace that i might just stop giving a crap about leveling the skill at all. I don't want to be able to leveling cooking super fast or anything, but this is way to far on the spectrum of slow.

  • If it's not directly related to PvP, don't expect it to be high on the priority list.

  • in this game its suppose to take for eny skill to be trained for loong time so dont complain.

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