Realm/ Editor issue

  • I spent a while making my lovely little house, the problem started when I wanted to see my baby in the game, upon pressing upload and putting in my log in information and of course pressing Upload Map the editor shows me that an error has occurred.
    After pressing "Continue application" the upload process just stops at 27% at which point the only thing I can do is cancel the upload.
    I did put some work into making my house, so it would be a shame, if anything happened to it.

    I tried the most brainless solutions so far like restarting the editor, loading a different save with the same map in case it was corrupted, with no success whatsoever.
    I beg of you, help me. Regards, D.

  • Ok, I managed to fix it on my own.
    If anybody else has a similar problem ever, here's what I did.
    It turned out that some elements got corrupted, so all that I had to do was to remove and replace them.
    To find if an element was corrupted I had to keep on removing all wonky looking items and saving/reloading to see if there's any less errors appearing.
    If you're struggling with similar problems, don't lose hope, your work didn't go to waste, it still can be saved.

  • Sorry to hear about your problems. We are working on fixing such Editor issues and eventually build a whole new Map Editor!

  • @Prometheus
    The editor works perfectly fine, except for some utility issues, like selecting huge amounts of objects or changing textures on objects of different models.
    My problem was just the result of not saving often enough methinks. I managed to fix it up after a short while on my own, so it's not hopeless. My regards, D.

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