EU server


    Hey guys, what is the chance of an eu server happening? If enough people want one would you consider it??? I was told the lag isn't too bad as the server is east coast but it is very noticeable. I don't know how much of your playerbase is coming from EU. Maybe its not worth it. What would be worth it at the very least is to open a new server so people could roll on that and start fresh with everyone else...


    Well if the game manages to spread among Russians it is going to be a big time hit and most probably there will be a server in EU.

    Many Russians still play UO so I believe they can be a real good player base for LR too.


    It would be great to have an EU server.

  • We will definitely open one may the need arise. As of now, it would be bad to split the population of the game, so please bear with the NA server for a while longer! :)

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