cockerels and other pets...


    Will they all age and die? Is the only way to get a life booster to spend real money? Or will we be able to use argents for this? Please tell me my most loved, and only reason for playing uo type games, the pet system, is not going to be monetized completely....

  • @sefer The only way to keep them alive beyond the default expiration is indeed the cash shop item, however I'd point out you can purchase cash shop items from other players. Default price is 2k/credit, but I suspect the market will change due to the influx of players.


    Hi @sefer,

    Roosters do age over time and require a Circle of Life every 30 days in order to keep them alive. Everything in our store is able to be gifted so you do not have to purchase one if you can find someone who would be willing to sell you one. A Circle of Life is only required for Roosters ans Spawners.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

    GM Pain


    does this means then that dogs will not need circle of life?

  • @sefer said in cockerels and other pets...:

    does this means then that dogs will not need circle of life?

    They'll like do as well :)

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