Suggestion for balancing

  • People with maxed stats and artifacts can fight whoever they want and it's not fair in any sense of the word. I think we should take the example of Runescape. In pvp in Runescape you are assigned a combat level which is an average of all your combat stats and you can only fight people within a certain range of your combat level. We should implement this in some way so that you can only attack people on an even playing field unless you are somewhere like stone abyss or volcano area, where the gap would increase the farther you are from the cities. This would prevent high levels farming defenseless people. Also - implement stoneskin asap because I keep getting steamrolled as a sorcerer. Thanks.

  • :p I don't think your suggestion is going to get a very positive reception

  • it sure is a damn shame sorcery is still bloody useless isn't it?

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