enhanced staff


    So far that I know of the enhanced lighting staff has the wrong name on it according to the spell book. Might want to thumb through the enhanced staffs change names and make sure they work @Prometheus

  • Does it actually enhance something? Didn't do squat on lightning.

  • It was most likely for Lightning Bolt cause from what i saw lower lvl spells don't have enhanced version.


    The original spell was called lighting. So I think it doesn't know which one to enhance


    Hi @Aries, thank you for reporting this, it will be fixed in the next patch! The old Lightning is now called Thunderbolt (level 9 spell). Staves with "Enhanced Lightning" should say "Enhanced Thunderbolt" instead. The level 2 spell Lightning does not have an enhanced version.

  • @Pain Ah right it was Thunderbolt not Lightning bolt...

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