Game Freezing

  • Every time i cross to next realm game freezes and i have to wait 20 seconds to cross realm,or sometimes it stays frozen and have to kill process.

  • it happens toi me too

  • Yess my game is freezing too


    Thank you for reporting this, I have passed it along to the development team.


    yea me too... Guessing you both have steam version as well? I'm tired of this, its not worth it. I just want a normal linkrealms account now.

  • am not using steam am using normal client and it still happens.


    Do you have any idea which realm you were transitioning between? Is this happening every time you leave a realm or only in certain areas?

  • It happens in every realm,but its more heavly in riverbank,reavenfeast and in realms with player houses.


    My game client won't even load lol when I go to enter login credentials it just hang and then freezes :/ Tried re installing, but won't work for me.

    I am at a loss :(


    click application continue and it eventually will load trip. but its a huge problem. this needs to be addressed.


    Oh rofl guess that's an option too, yeah I keep closing it, will try that, thanks!


    as stated by prometheus, you need to go into your antivirus, and make an exclusion for the games folder, not just the exe, but the folder itself. I did this for microsoft security essentials and boom, no more lag, even tho it wasnt flagging anything, it was for some reason hindering the game.

  • Am using windows 10 so no mse,and my windows defender is off same as eny other malware antivirus i have.

  • Ifound solution,i had runing in background an iobit malware fighter,when i went into procceses list,i killd procces and now my game doesnt freeze when i cross realms.

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