game freezes after i try to log in (Not responding)

  • like the topic says games freezes after i try to log in it was fine before the patch i have tried all the things i seen on the forums to try and fix this. it was not trying to patch yesterday but that was fixed with this morning patch so that's not a issue anymore. but after the server went down few hours ago i have not been able to get back in so i don't know what the issue could be.


    I have the same issue :/ not sure what to do? Maybe graphics card driver rollback?

  • does it happen also every time you cross form a realm to another ?
    I think it is the same issue...


    as stated by prometheus, you need to go into your antivirus, and make an exclusion for the games folder, not just the exe, but the folder itself. I did this for microsoft security essentials and boom, no more lag, even tho it wasnt flagging anything, it was for some reason hindering the game.


    Ah that was it! Turned off antivirus everything is working now lol


    @darkblaze47, can you please take a look at this post and follow the instructions related to the antivirus protection you are using and see if it fixes your issue?

    Let me know if this worked for you. We are sorry for any inconvenience!

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