Frozen Client

  • My Game Client Froze every time i tried to log into the game, i have tried reinstalling it several times but it doesn't fix anything, i don't know what has caused the freeze and i have no clue what are the best actions to take,

  • it happens to me too , but i think it is because of the lag that after the last patch happens when u come in to a new realm and inthis case in yours when u log in also.

    If it is not for this reason u should maybe see the post of the developers about antivirus issues.
    set the linkrealm folder in the exceptions of your antivirus...


    Hi @colbert9, this sounds like an issue caused by your antivirus, we aren't exactly sure why these programs have seemingly turned on us overnight but there is a temporary solution you can use until we can fix this issue.

    Please have a look at this post from Prometheus and follow the steps provided for the program you use.

    Let me know if this helped you. We are sorry for any inconvenience!

    GM Pain

  • I have excluded the linkrealms from my antivirus, and it fixed the issue for me, thanks for the response, would love to be notified whenever we can include the folder back into the anitvirus again

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