My personal Feedback - Please Read And Discuss

  • Hi to all,
    I played pretty much this game and now is time to give my contribution.
    The thing this game need most is a quality of life improvment : I understand you want an old school rpg,but I think that evolving it a bit is the way.
    Here are my 2 cents:

    1. smart stacking - simple but important : whenever i pick something it should be stacked with the same kind of item. As for now you have first to pick and then to stack manually. Of course this should be applied only on stackable items.

    2. smart loot,item banking and similar - why don't use RMB to pick up items directly in inventory or from inventory in bank ? Stop with drag&drop for focusing better in other things.

    3. crafting more than one item at once - another thing we lose most of the time is the boring part of the crafting : we press one button,need to wait some seconds,press again e so on....when you have to craft 100+ items can be pretty long and boring. Put a craft # items for cut this times.

    4. some items should not be items - they should be just numbers or at least until we don't die or we have to loot them. I'm speaking about money,but also essence and bolts. Easy to see how much money you have and you know when you are about to run out of ammunitions

    5. a little faster movement should be a nice idea,expecially when out of combat. Travelling can take a good amount of time and normally you don't encounter anything for ages. Make it a little faster to cut this dead time.

    6. better tips - Very Very important. There are items that you don't have any idea on what they do,what are their requirements,on which item you must use it on,ecc. ecc. For a better comprehension of the game,for making us using all its features and for a better game experience overall,knowing what to do with the items and the world in general is simple too much important for lefting it behind.

    Well that's all for now, I have other suggestions , but I think these are the most important,they will improve the game without touching skill , balancing and so on.
    Sorry for my english and I hope it will help in making this game great.


    1. There's sorta a way to do this, either drop it on your character model to stick it into your main inventory; or drop it into a burlap sack to stack to stack it inside there. I'd be more concerned about a way to open corpses when everything's crowded

    2. Meh, I'm indifferent. Pretty sure this is for the sake of theme, though.

    3. Agreed, but most people just macro it.

    4. This is also a theme thing, and I'd be displeased if it were changed in this way.

    5. I feel like this would pretty severely compound any potential lag problems in PVP, and the game would need to be re-balanced around it(you'd need lower cast times for mages, which means you've to rebalance their damage/mana cost/erc). Additionally the world is very small, you can get from one side to the other in just a few minutes. Additionally it's a nice feeling when you've been running everywhere, and eventually you get to the point you can just teleport everywhere. I'd be displeased if this changed.

    6. I personally wouldn't mind either way with this one, but again, I think they're trying to fit the theme with this. If you don't understand something, then yay mystery, and potential community building by asking people. Plus it's nice to solve a puzzle you've been stuck on for a while.

  • For number 3 you need to buy cash shop item ;)
    Honestly i would much rather have that in cash shop than p2w items. That is convenience in its purest form.
    Number 5 is a bad idea imo because zones are not THAT big to support higher movement speed and as Holya stated it would probably need huge pvp rebalancing to accompany it.

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