How can this game claim to not have any wipes but other Early Access games need them?

  • The biggest turn-off for early access games is the fact that all progress is simply gone when it "releases", presuming early access games actually release. They've all failed me so far (the most recent being Shroud of the Avatar and soon to be Albion Online). These games claim they need to wipe numerous times.

    How can this game boast NO WIPES on a technical standpoint? Help me understand, this games looks VERY intriguing and I might consider purchasing if this statement can actually be backed up with evidence how they can do this.

    Thanks, and hello, I'm new to the forums,

    I'm Andrew!

  • None of those developers are forced to wipe for launch it is their own decision to make. Linkrealms devs simply felt like they wanted to reward early players i guess.


    To get a true answer a dev would have to reply but in my opinion the easiest way to get people to play early access is to let them know their time won't be wasted. They get to help support the game financially (dev team is currently 3) and help test/ provide feedback in exchange for keeping their items/ characters/ time invested. I would never play a game that was going to wipe because I have limited time and in a year etc I don't want to redo everything I just earned.


    To be fair, in a pvp game it's very unfair to make such a huge gab between early access people and for people who just bought the game on release, but that's just my opinion, i wouldnt mind a wipe and race people at the beginning :)


    unfortunately your time might be wasted, look at this thread here.

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