Wait... is this game OPEN-WORLD or instanced-OPEN-WORLD.

  • Someone please clarify as I'm confused. I keep hearing people say that each area is in its own instance but videos claim it to be open world.



    The game is open world. There are no instances except the lizzogoth hideout unless it's been changed. However there are zone lines. Picture a square tile is one zone. Anyone can go into it. To get to the next you walk through
    the zone over point to the next. So on and so forth. If you ever played old eq (not sure how it is now) it's basically the same thing.

  • @Clavicus I guess it all comes down to how we define open world. Chasing someone in PVP to be restricted by zone lines doesn't really seem very open world. I wouldn't call an area an open space if there are doors that are required to pass from one part to another. But hey, this is definitely something I'm okay with agreeing to disagree with. The rest of the game looks great.

    On a side note, would you consider Shroud of the Avatar open-world then?


    I haven't really been following shroud of the avatar so i couldn't comment. This game i would say is not seamless ie the need to zone over (as i call it) but it definitely is not instanced as anyone can go into any tile in the game at any given time without restriction.

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