spiritualism: Ram is useless.


    I made my character focus spirit, and this saddens me as it seems I am handicapped because of it. The spirits just dont compare to other things right now... I was hoping my salvation would be the mighty Ram spirit... Alas, he is the weakest spirit of them all. Only lasting for a measly 15 seconds, his health and armor is meager... Sure, he can be used as a zerg but still... 15 seconds just doesn't seem long enough to me. 30-45 would be much more fitting for a max level spirit.


    Spiritualism is by far the best support skill in game. Warriors and mages both require it. Burning spirit is great for killing large groups of mobs(if they don't have high fire resist) mage spirit is good for pvp due to freeze. Cripple spirit is great for pvp as it slows the person u cast it on. U get ethereal chains which is a root. Griffin spirits are great for pve and pvp. I could name more useful skills but hopefully you get the point. There are of course some spirits that suck. Mino spirit is good for tanking as is the vampire spirit.

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