Release 02 - Minor Update (2.2)

  • Hi everyone,

    below is a detailed description of the content of this patch.


    1 - When launching the Linkrealms client for the first time, a warning is issued if the user has Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender as active antivirus software running of his machine.

    2 - Hotkeys added for all most recently implemented Sorcery spells.


    1 - The recently introduced bug on realm transition loading times has been fixed. Plus, we took the occasion to optimize the process of realm loading as a whole. As a result, loading times should have been cut down a little compared to how they used to be before the bug (-0.5 seconds on average for heavy realms).


    1 - Name Change Scroll now correctly allows 16 characters only instead of 25.

    2 - Practice staffs given to new players no longer lose durability when used to fight melee.

  • @Prometheus Great! But now for real man... What about promised (was supposed to be on forum like week ago) kernel crashes solution? I am not able to play since end of January already... You are truly trying to force me to give up on this game do you? :( And please don't tell me there are more important bugs to fix, because making game playable is way more important (if not most important) than some useless name change characters extension or no durability loss for starter staves :|


    @Prometheus Were name change scrolls also made to not be able to duplciate names or was that already fixed

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