Population we would gain with a wipe, at the least.


    Look at this. http://imgur.com/QXZA2eH
    It is proven scientifically that for every 1 person speaking out, many more are silently agreeing but not actually talking. Take a look at this survey: http://www.pewinternet.org/2014/08/26/social-media-and-the-spiral-of-silence/

    "People were less willing to discuss the Snowden-NSA story in social media than they were in person. 86% of Americans were willing to have an in-person conversation about the surveillance program, but just 42% of Facebook and Twitter users were willing to post about it on those platforms."

    So lets look at those who DID speak up. 11 people on steam, most of which refuse to join without a wipe, a few angered by the clearly, and obviously geared people killing them instantly. "Fat-buffed pig who happened to use a bow . . . got shot twice before I kissed the world goodbye" Sound familiar? Other players on this forum also agree there should be a wipe for the exact same reasons, in another thread someone even said:
    @Snirp said in Linkrealms should be wiped before launch:

    I can understand their point of view but i've put some time on my character and am glad they are not wiping.

    That being said, I can already see someone like VAN wiping the floor with noobs cos they are boring indiscriminate killers, no fun, no chit chat, just die die die.

    @Deneb said in We need a wipe, because of VAN/Holya.:

    I don't think a wipe will solve the problem, not for long at least. What is necessary is some kind of crime/ punishment system with SEVERE punishment for continuous PK. At this point, even though I haven't lost anything to VAN or Holya, I don't feel like playing whatsoever, because the atmosphere on the server is far from enjoyable, everybody is just pissed off and expects you to backstab them any second, due to common PK. I love Link Realms as a game, but if the community is going to end up getting more and more toxic because of a single guild filled with wannabe sociopaths I will lose all interest in playing like many players did before. The game is suffering and the way the matters look like right now, it will end badly. Regards, D.

    They knew, the people who haven't played yet knew, we all knew... How much damage to the population does the game need to take, how much bad reputation does it need, before something is done to correct it? The game is sinking... Look at the population numbers from the start, and the beta, to now... Look at all the people voicing their opinion, and how many others are just silently clicking past this game or leaving because of these problems? How many of us need to tell you whats wrong before you will hear our words?

  • I feel like you're getting a little bit spammy, we already have a thread dedicated to inflating my ego: http://forums.linkrealms.com/topic/1017/new-player-appreciation-thread-honorable-1v1s/3

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