Cockeral dissapeared


    Okay so I bred a cockeral with my cockeral and hens I sat there for hours watching it as it grew up i realized i needed a cage to tame it.. only problem was there were no cages so I decided I was going to wait till reset because there was no other way to get one. After the reset I logged in bought a cage went back to my realm and my cockeral dissapeared... I'm a bit upset about this seeing as it just completely wasted my time doing everything for my progress to be wiped cause i couldn't obtain 1 item in time...


    And not to mention is was the most beautiful cock you would have ever seen.. it was a black and white mixture, youve never seen a black and white cock before i bet! ;)

  • So it was like Micheal Jackson's?

    Uncaged cockerels disappear on server reset, just like all items dropped on the ground.

    You on the PvP or PvP server? I've looking forward to some competition in the cock fights.


    I'm on the pve server

  • So am I, and I'm breeding the ugliest, meanest birds you've ever seen!


    Well i guess we will have to see whos cock is better then >_> :dagger:

  • I already have several Cockmaster trophies. The championship helms I had won are all garbage now BTW.

    The old arena still seems to be active.

  • @Roundwaters Cock arena... now that's something i would love to see :P


    @danejbaker sorry to hear that! Cockerels along with all other items dropped on the ground disappear after server reset. Next time be sure to have a cage ready before you breed to avoid losing your cockerel. If the NPC does not have any cages for sale at the time then come back later.

    Cockfighting Arenas are currently disabled, they should be enabled sometime soon though I do not have an exact date at this time.

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