List of bugs

    • Some ghosts on the nothern city's cemitery are bugging and getting stuck in the wall

    • Some entrances in the wilderness are bugged and on the other side you are stuck behind trees

    • The HP gauge in the party almost never is accurate, sometimes its pretty hard to tell if a party member is dying or health, it can be very misleading

    • Skeleton Priestess body is decaying very fast, I don't know if it's intended?

    • Also, don't know if it's intended but the %Hit Chance on Hell Spawn seems pretty high. I was missing more on Lava Spawns and Minotaurs than on Hell Spawn.

    • Sometimes rejuvenation stops mid-healing. Activating again prompts a "You are fully healed"

    • Sometimes you damage a mob and it instantly heals this damage. It seemed to happen very frequently with low level undeads

    I think this is it, I'll post more if I can recall. But the most annoying one I think is the "friendly HP gauge", would be nice to have it fixed.


    • Cherubs spawn in area where it is not accessible (not sure if intended)

  • Thanks for the reports - could you please post a picture of a realm where you can exit and find yourself in the neighboring realm stuck behind trees?

  • I will try if I come accross, it has been kinda random though.

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