newplayers questions

  • question 1: can someone tell me why do not decrease unnecessary skills?
    I found the down arrow next to me unnecessary skills and stats, but they do not fall off (stand still).

    question 2: the maximum level of 1 stat (str| int | dex) 125?

    question 3: where i can find boss monsters to kill them?

    question 4: I saw a lot of new players who pumped skill Spell Defiance per 100%. With me this skill = 0 and not swing at all. How to increase Spell Defiance if i'm warrior?

  • the max str-int-stam max level is 125 but you have a 275 stats limits so you have to chooce you to spend 275 stats. spell defiance is look like 100 for all players but actually is it not. I think its a bug whne you click on people and see their skills its always show spell defiance is 100 but actually is not. your skills I think only will fall when you reached the 700 skill points because you also have a limit of 7 skills can be maxed so after you reach certain points you skills will started to fall if you manage it in your skills menu.

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