Temporary Server Issues (5/25/2016)


    Hi everyone,

    We are currently investigating the cause of this mornings server issues. Servers will be taken offline until this issue is resolved.

    We will update you with more information as soon as we find the cause of this problem.

    UPDATE #1 - 3.37pm CEST

    Problem has been identified, we are working on a solution to have the server back up as soon as possible.

    UPDATE #2 - 4.45pm CEST

    Problem has been solved, we are back online. Apologies for the extended downtime. We are updating our server save code to handle problematic situations like the one that just took place without requiring the manual intervention of developers.

    A short rollback has taken place (to about 1 hour before the server went down). Only very few players should have been involved as the server is always scarcely populated at that time - we are sorry for this anyway!

    GM Pain

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