Why your hatred for [VAN] and Holya should inspire you, increase game population, and why you should reconsider quitting.

  • Players of LinkRealms,

    You have been given a quest. No, you have not been asked to kill rabbits or snails.

    You have not been asked to collect wheat or to go into a dungeon that millions of others have traversed before.

    You have been given a challenge that will make almost every other player quit. That is how difficult this quest is.

    You should not be leaving this game because a guild is too strong. If you have supported this game, then you need to realize that the mechanics are the way they are in this game for a reason. [VAN] has reached a point of power within those mechanics, so there has to be a way for others within those same parameters to overthrow them. As hardcore gamers such as yourselves, I know that you are looking for an experience to remember. You are looking for satisfaction, glory, and amazing memories. So am I, trust me. Unlike you, I haven't experienced the destruction that you have experienced. But what I have experienced is something we can all familiarize ourselves with- challenge. Overcoming a challenge gives a sense of completion and satisfaction like no other. Greater than any rat you could kill on some introduction quest. Those games have sucked in the masses but they do not belong to us.

    Your goal is to die. Your goal is to play more intelligently than you have ever played before. Instead of sending your friends to theme park MMOs with your words, why don't you instead use your words, passion, and ability to form alliances to defeat the challenge ahead of you?

    I know this sounds extremely ambitious, but the motivation of few can lead to an amazing story of oppression, change, and success. We can create our own story, accomplish our own quests. Let LinkRealms do with the game what they please. It is their game. If we love it so much, let us make a mission to do what we will inside of their creation.

    I am looking for alliances. You are hurt and I understand. I am only a few hours into this game but I can bolster a guild and I can become a leader that is ready to face a challenge.

    If you are seriously contemplating dropping your threats toward LinkRealms and showing mature character in facing this problem, message me. I am looking for others to lead this guild's mission with.

    As for [VAN]:

    I see what you've been doing to this world. I will not crumble so easily.


  • @Xanthirius Hay, if you need money for a guild charter you'll probably periodically find me in Riverbank


    You guys need to stop feeding the troll. This guy is a non factor to anyone but noobs.

  • @Clavicus 1v1? I'd be happy to place 500k+ on myself at 5:1 odds


    @Holya you don't actually think you can fight a boss before you fight a sub boss do you?

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