Namus - Feedback Compilation

  • This will be a list of my feedback i decided to make this so i can put all of my feedback into 1 place that can be easily updated. I will add more as it comes to me ;)

    List is in no particular order!

    1. Increase cooldown on drinks to 30 seconds - Currently thanks to this PvE is too easy and 1v1 PvP between vets can last until one of them runs out of drinks. Also healing magic is useless due too low cooldown on drinks. In addition it will be possible for few noobs to kill 1 vet in PvP. More skill less drinks spamming!

    2. Reduce essence cost to 1$ down from 2$ and reduce their weight - It is very hard to play magic user in Linkrealms as a new player due to essence cost and spells are very weak until magic schools/wisdom are raised a lot. This will help new players to start playing the way they want.

    3. Stronger monsters should have higher chance for skill increase - Currently everyone is staying in safe zone and skilling to 100 inside of it. That is completely fine but there should be incentive for people to go out and explore and do dungeons besides farming certain mats/artifacts. This will also encourage grouping up due to potential PKers lurking around. Risk vs reward is tried and proven design. Example: Medium tier monsters provide 50% faster skilling and high tier monsters provide 100% faster skilling.

    4. Change how Item Blessing works - This is very good mechanic but it is flawed in its implementation. It should protect new players not veterans. Make it so that it works only on people that have skills up to 60-80 max or in other words if player has 1 skill of 85 for example item blessing wont work when he dies. With power should come risk and dropping your artifact gear should happen every time you die wearing it. Most people are here for adrenaline that kind of risk (or reward if you kill someone with artifact gear) provides.

    5. Spiritualism needs to be nerfed or changed - Currently it is too strong it has everything: Multiple CC, summons that can DPS or tank, buffs for melee, AOE. Make it more focused for example people that want to play summoner will take spiritualism but it shouldn't be supplementary skill line it should be able to stand on its own as main skill focus but loose versatility.

    6. Remove AOE friendly fire - People that are in your guild/group should not be hurt by AOEs i was in dungeon today and i couldn't use a single AOE skill because it would hurt my allies even though mobs where nicely packed for AOE many times.

    7. Expanded guild system - I know there is already plans for more guild features such as Diplomacy/Ranking but it would be great to see stuff like guild logos on capes and maybe guild lvling system where each new lvl would unlock some benefits for all guild members. Also alliances ;)

    8. Player ranking system - Ranking system for players that can be based on many things but just a few examples off the top of my head: Player kills, Mob kills, Boss kills, Richest player and so on and it should come with unique rewards for players on top of the list such as special title and maybe special text in chat for as long as you hold first place and so on. So that new players stand a chance to attain top spot in rankings list should be restarted every 3 months or so.

    9. World Bosses - Spawning in random realm (each realm type should have its own boss) it would encourage exploration of currently unused and never visited realms and it would create additional PvP hot spots besides dungeons. They should be extremely strong and require a decent amount of players (8+) to take down and they should drop good loot. It should respawn every day but only once and a random time again to encourage exploring of world at all times of day.

  • I like all of these ideas. Hopefully creators will see!

  • Updated ;)

  • Updated ;)

  • @Namus I like when a magic does area damage it increases the chaos... Making the fight less boring..

    1. I would like to see what do u do if u are chased by two pk with that king of cool down...

  • @Dreworok You die? Isn't that the whole point? If you are chased by 2 equally geared enemy players you should die!
    As far as AOE my grp didn't let me use AOE at all cause of friendly fire so what's the point then?

  • i think u should have the possibility to escape even if chased by 10 players, like it was in ultima online... There was a magic there called magic reflection and there were also explosion potion in order to avoid the paralyze spell .

    About the spells with area damage i think they are realistic ... but if it was for me I would delete the possibility to have a target botton and it should be better aiming in the space for the target without locking it. In this way it would be far better the fight with each other..
    aiming instead of haveing a target like it is in Dark Fall or Magicka Wizard War..

    Think about an archer that has to aim his arrow and he can also fail miserably attacking the friend in the line of fire... That woulb be wonderful . The same thing the wizard .. and in minor way for the warrior..

  • @Dreworok If i wanted ''realistic'' i wouldn't play video game. Realism stopped with magic. I don't find it fun if i cant use AOE so what's the point of having it? And being able to escape when being chased by 10 players and u are in their range for skills is just bad game design.

    As much as i love being a caster i am starting to feel like i am forced to drop it and go marksmanship or melee. It doesn't help that everyone is forced to use spiritualism cause its OP. Game would be much better if spiritualism was just removed completely.

  • with realistic i mean that this game lacks with the element of unpredictability when it comes to fighting. where Does an arrow go when it does not hit the target? I really would love that that arrow hit the ground or maybe also whatever it is in the line of fire with some imprecision if aimed in an uncorrect way by the archer.

    Sam e thing should happen with the spells of the mage .

    That is the fee to throw arrows or spells i think instead of grabbing a sword and just hit the target ...

    It is an idea.. but having a target is a lot more easy ..

  • @Dreworok It is already hard to play mage compared to melee if you make it even harder everyone would stop raising caster.

  • mana to cast spell should be decreased if the aim and shoot technique was approved .
    In that manner only good mages or archer could have that extra mana to make the difference against multiple enemies.. just a dream :) but i really don't dislike the area damage effect ...

  • @Dreworok Like i said it sounds nice on paper that AOE dmg friends but in practice i never get to use it cause of that.

  • Updated ;)

  • Updated again ;)

    I am shameless i know :(


    Have you tried crafting high level materials?
    Is there a difference in crafting lizgoth hide and normal hide?


    @Vesuva different materials give different magical resists. The intensity also varies by what slot u craft. IE chest has higher resists than gloves.

  • I vote yes to all of these! I am especially hopeful about the friendly fire being disabled for party members and/or guild mates. It is too frustrating to be a pure sorcerer and not do nearly as much damage, and be limited on which spells I can use in a group for fear of hurting my allies or my spirits.

    Great post! +1

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