• I got a quest from tailor. he asked me to make items made by soft leather but I couldnt find soft leather or I have never seen it. I killed deer-sheep-cow and some mobs that drops hard and diffirent kind of leather and even bats but I couldnt find soft leather. is it not in the game or can someone please tell me which mob drops soft leather.

  • the easy way is to kill cows, get their leather. Stretch the leather with the leather stretcher thing, And then go into the tailor shop once you have that "refined leather"(whatever its called) and go to the sewing machine and start crafting those items. Cows/Deer/Sheep drop leather you can stretch into the crafting leather

  • I know mate. but what I mean is leather type. I have 75 tailoring but in this misson I have to make items bade my soft leather but there is no soft leather :( Cows-deer and others just drop plain and hard leather

  • alright, well its prob a rare form a leather then, and you wont be able to get it easy :P


    @Candoruk This wiki page isn't complete yet however it may give you an idea of which creatures drop certain kinds of leather.

  • @Candoruk You can get it by stretching leather dropped by bats. Just to let you know if you still didn't figure it out.

  • @Pain thank you. if you guys make the leather and crafting wiki faster it would be awsame!

  • @Candoruk If something you need is not there, just ask and I will tell you what you want to know.

  • @Vetro thank you!

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