Release 02 - Minor Update (2.3)

  • Hi everyone,

    below is a detailed description of the content of this patch.


    1 - Astral-guarded areas are now live. All dungeon realms outside of the safe zone and close realms are flagged as astral-guarded. Any dead character (ghost) staying in an astral-guarded area for more than 5 minutes after his corpse has disappeared is exorcised from the area and sent back to the square of Riverbank. Any attempt to circumvent this rule, including going in and out of an astral-guarded area or repeatedly killing one's character, will be punished. As a rule of thumb: if you are with your ghost in an astral guarded to spy on players trying ways to cheat the system, you are in the wrong already.


    1 - The processing of movement packets has been optimized to decrease rollback episodes in crowded realms and for players with jittery latency. Please mind that this fix is experimental, we will keep its effects under control and possibly improve further.


    1 - Several mobs not using Crowd Controls correctly have been fixed (e.g. Spirit Mage, Wild Goblin, Alpha Cow, and several other). This includes both using the wrong graphical effect or not performing CC at all.

    2 - Fixed a couple minor realm glitches.

    3 - The likely culprit of the recent failed server restarts has been identified and fixed.


    Thank you prom, I appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into this and trying to fix issues as soon as you can!

  • Nicely done with haste. Epic work guys!


    You guys rock!

  • Thank you for the hardwork

  • how does this stop holya from killing all of us?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Finally!! i was wonder where this stuff was.

  • this anti ghosting update didnt fix nothing,its same as before,holya still knows when someone s doing eny dungeon and waits till boss then go gank with her frends,it happens every time and u can yust log off and on to stop timer.

  • @Gorstak
    We've gotten an Arti nearly every time we've come with you on one of your dungeon runs
    alt text
    You're our little good luck charm ;)

  • @Gorstak said in Beta Update - Patch 2.0.4 (05-26-16):

    this anti ghosting update didnt fix nothing,its same as before,holya still knows when someone s doing eny dungeon and waits till boss then go gank with her frends,it happens every time and u can yust log off and on to stop timer.

    We are investigating the bug with logging off, since to us it works correctly (the timer is preserved when you log back in). That being said, we are keeping the situation under control and the players who used to use ghosts are no longer doing so.

  • I know they dont use ghost scouts no more,but its still pretty much same,soon as u do eny dungeon and come to boss,all server knows ur at that dungeon.

    Problem is that its to easy to circle all dungeons in short time cas all have realm houses near every dungeon,there needs to be more dungeons or make it so that they cant all be scouted in shorttime.

  • @Gorstak
    How are you going to pop 20 new dungeons out of nowhere to make it harder to scout all of them?
    Or how are you going to prevent players from building their homes close to the entrances? Inflate the area to the point LinkRealm's world is a wasteland and make it impossible to have a house within 17 areas from a dungeon?

    I know that you're frustrated, but the way things are now, to fix the issue, the game needs more balance in items, skills and playstyles and that balance is coming along, just slowly. If getting attacked by other people while in the dungeon upsets you so much, stick to the PvE server or play a game with instance dungeons instead. Constantly bringing up the issue, isn't going to make it any better, you're just giving satisfaction to the people that have been killing you and making the forums more chaotic.

  • am not saying that yust for myself,Nobody cant do eny dungeon without all knowing its being run,how lame is that.

  • @Gorstak
    I've been running the dungeons and messing around in the PvP zone all the time and yet nothing bad happened to me. Be smart about the way you play and stop being so salty.

  • @Deneb To be honest we let people from certain guilds be a lot of the time :p
    If you alligned yourself with KTD/ROK/NWU/SS you'd die somewhat more often


    I've never had issues with holya ganking me any where and I run all over the map. The problem is quit pissing in someone's cherios and just ask for a duel from timee to time. So what if you get ganked in PvP or PvP dungeon. It's a game not life. Yeah I admit ghosting dungeons just to murder people is not cool but hey we all have done it before. The point of this thread is that someone found a bug to use and made a bunch of cry babies wine. I'm not singling out anyone with this comment but just be glad it's not happening with a 100 plus people doing it to you while they decide to finally fix it. Just be happy and go on with you're life

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