Dungeon puzzles... No information!?


    Some things are a little difficult, but generally you can figure it out after a bit.. But other things... For instance, involving electricity... Is too damn difficult to figure out without information. How are we suppose to figure out to do that crap? We had to find out from a very old spoiler video to figure out what to do, theres not really a guide other than zycors for things... The wiki is missing almost everything, and there doesn't seem to be any place to go for information inside the game. No minions dropping clue scrolls with information, not even in riddles or like.. Somewhat hard to decipher, but not impossible, clues. No npcs just standing around talking about rumours they heard about "such-and-such dungeon had a hero come back, said he couldn't kill the damn things, he was colorblind and kept breaking the wrong colors."

    Atleast something like that! Like seriously... How are we supposed to figure out that crap, especially under threat of being killed because we're in a dungeon that takes over an 1-2 hours to be inside to even summon the boss?? I mean... that dungeon is FAR too long in my opinion, and the respawn rate of the guardians is far too quick, plus your forced to run back through them all to rez because for some reason we wern't given an alter at the very end of the tunnel in the room with the switch... Which just, feels like it should have a rez room, forcing us to run naked, through that many guardians, with a respawn rate so annoying that they spawn right on top of you... Yea, 3 guardians spawning at the same time ontop of you when you have 1 hp and no armor taking an instant 60 damage in tight tunnels where you have to go through 10-20 of em... cough But enough of that... my point being, information.

    Dealing with all these variables, and then getting to that point of flipping the switch and going "wtf, where is the boss??" No information... so what do you do? Well, so far the damn thing always advances by killing things, so lets spend an hour killing guardians hoping the boss spawns... did it yet? Check back at the end of the tunnel... no? check outside... no? Check the other tunnel in the other room.... no? Do we have to dance on the grave? Do we have to touch each object in the tunnel? Do we just keep killing guardians like all the other challenges to spawn it? Do we have to say "open sesame" Or "arise chicken, arise" to get it to come to life? (<---- thats about as obvious as the method for making it spawn. That is to say, not obvious in the slightest.) When every damn challenge involves mass-killing, or object breaking... How is interacting with the environment in that specific of a way, in multiple parts, all at the same time for a specific amount of time till you can get downstairs and do what needs to be done again... How the hell are we suppose to know this without divine intervention? I get it... The names gave it away slightly.. But not to the point of having to do it in that specific of a way, in multiple places, and then all that follows....Thats too many variables to go about with and have 0 information, no clues, no real hints other than a name...

    You threw us into this world teaching us that we just have to slaughter everything until we get to the next phase, or just break crap in the correct order and your golden... But this? This is just too much to handle without specific information, clues, and hints. OR being told exactly how to do it. But seriously this dungeon is just one big "smack your head against a wall" pain in the ass.. I thought golems took too long and was crap compared to an actual phase dungeon... "lets kill a boss! Get awesome gear, not waste time on generic dungeons..." We didn't make it to the server reset. We got to the end of the road, flipped it, and wondered for 30 minutes "where the hell is the boss."
    No rumours, no information, no clues, no npcs with quirky discussions that mostly is useless but tidbits of information are hidden gems to be used later, no books or torn pages of knowledge from past adventurers, not even a functional wiki.

    When the Dwarves went to reclaim their homeland, they had a clue. “Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole.” This dungeon is just like that situation... Only in this situation, in linkrealms, that clue doesn't exist, so guess what happens then? The movie ends, the dwarves leave discouraged, pissed, and completely give up.
    That sounds like a terrible movie to me, I wanted to see a fight with a dragon, but they dwarves didn't have the clue, so they couldn't get in to face the boss.

    TL:DR : BW dungeon puzzle is far more advanced than others, and with no information, or clues, or hints from npcs or book items, etc, its too hard to solve without someone else telling you what to do. Mainly because of how long they must remain, rather than them freezing in place after they run through it, which would make it a bit less impossible to figure out. In other words, some ingame lore, rumours, hints, clue scrolls, etc, would help with puzzles that advanced.


    Sefer, I like the way you point out your thoughts but when you post such a long block of text, likeliness that most of the forum users to go TLDR is really high :).

  • @Chipli Haha i love how you called it block of text :D

  • @Namus :p to be fair it could've been condensed into two short paragraphs and still conveyed all of the same things.

    I'm pretty sure the devs are going for an aura of legitimate mystery, forcing player interaction and actual testing to figure the game out. That said.. it only took me about 30 minutes to figure out the bit you were stuck on, and I did it solo. Additionally I'd point out when you get a little bit higher level and streamline everything Blackwood will only take 30-45minutes to solo.

  • @Holya now u really overexagarated u cant finish bw under 1 hour time,if u dont count bosses.

  • @Gorstak Yeah, most of the others haven't figured out how to skip phases either ;)

  • if u can skip phases than that is bug exploit.

  • @Gorstak Clever use of game mechanics*

  • @Holya but u cant know if it is unlessu inform devs about it so that they decide if it is or is it not.


    Hahahah everything Holya does is a bug exploit :D


    Anyone on forums willing to condense all of sefer posts into not a giant wall of text? Maybe bulleted. Kthxla


    @Gorstak said in Dungeon puzzles... No information!?:

    @Holya now u really overexagarated u cant finish bw under 1 hour time,if u dont count bosses.

    I beg to differ on this done it several millions of times under a hour. Just gotta know how


    there, I TLDR edited it.

  • Blackwoods is a finely crafted dungeon, although I admit that switch would be difficult to figure out on your own.

    I was on the entire time you guys were in there, and I never heard anyone ask anything in global.

  • @Roundwaters Global is limited to safe areas...


    saying "How do we continue in BW dungeon" Is like saying "hey, come kill us we almost have the boss spawned." in global.

    And yes, its a good dungeon, albeit the copper guardians could use a longer respawn timer. Its just the puzzle at the end is very difficult without a hint or clue, some kind of dialogue to let you know what needs to happen. If those things were actually an object like say with the name of "cut wire" that would have been easy to figure out.. maybe even add some electricity sparks to indicate the connection is incomplete. But since all the battery things were glowing beyond those wires... It was kinda hard to discern what needed to be done.

  • @Namus said in Dungeon puzzles... No information!?:

    @Roundwaters Global is limited to safe areas...

    Ugh, stupid PvP.

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