Xanthirius Game Suggestions 1.0 (as of 5/26/2016)

    • During the quest “Eternal War”, the dialogue says, “Open you INVENTORY” when it should say, “Open your inventory”.
    • Quest titled, “Eternal War” doesn’t disappear once completed as well as any of the main city quests. (Are these simply just repeatable?)
    • FLAVOR : This game boasts as being an old school hardcore MMO, which I love. But right when I make a character and enter the world, I am surrounded with 15 exclamation points. Woah!!! If you are going to introduce players to this game, I would suggest spreading these people out, putting them in other places around the starting city. Heck, keep their quests, just move them. It makes it far less overwhelming and less threatening. Don't let players think this is a leveling theme park MMO!

    • Quest titled, "It's Baking Time!" states that the "local Tavern" has an oven that can cook the bread for you. Great clue except the map says Tavern and leads to an area with... well, no oven. Either add an oven to Tavern to keep the lore accurate or change quest text to say "Restaurant just north of here..." or something along those lines.

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