Lizzogoth Hatchling ?

  • I found a big egg and inside the egg a Lizzogoth hatchling came out. does anyone know how to tame this little monster ? I tired rooster cage but it doesnt work. I actually didnt know that there are other animals that we can tame. I also wonder maybe its not implemented yet because I looked at all of the vendors to find something that I can totemize this animal but I couldnt.

  • You can't. But you can hatch him in your house and he will run around.

  • @Vetro I put 2 hatchling in my house and they have disappeared after server reset mmm

  • @Dreworok Well, yes. Noone said it will roam around for eternity and you will get your own T-Rex sooner or later lol. But hatchling shouldn't disappear so fast. I remember mine disappeared lke 72h after I hatched him.

  • @Vetro yeah thats what I did. he run around but I hoped that I could raise him :( but what is strange is instead of rooster there could be a lot of diffirent and interesting animals. its hard to understand why only rooster :D

  • Eventually they grow up into regular lizzgoths.

    They disappear at server reset.

  • @Candoruk Roosters were made as a prototype for the pet system if I remember correctly. There are plans on making more pets. Just be patient.
    And besides, roosters are cool.


    Gather up a butt load of these things and relase them into PvP areas great fun and funny as hell

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