Is pure sorcery viable?

  • Hi,

    I guess it's a little too late to ask (as I already have high level sorcery), but I would like to know if sorcery is viable for PvP (or even PvE!). I can't seem to do enough damage to really do anything except kill priestesses. To make things worse, there aren't really any crowd control spells that I know of that would make me somewhat useful in PvP! Am I missing something?


  • Not in it's current state. Granted, I only play PvE. Or rather I don't because I wasted my time skilling up a sorcerer that can't kill a goddam thing.

    That was the absolute last time I grind skills just to find out they are completely useless in this game.

  • Yeah sorcery is pretty weak atm and @Prometheus before you say raise schools my invocation is 98 and my sorcery is 98 ;)
    Some of the issues are with many missing spells that are going to get implemented such as more CC and more protection (stoneskin) but some of the issues go much deeper beyond that. You will almost never get to use your AOEs even though they are supposed to be one of the primary mage strenghts due to friendly fire and targeting mob in dungeon when running with friends is near impossible due to 314713451 spirits running around mob. Also our dmg is pretty low considering cast times and 100% chance to get interrupted on hit.

    Basically my advice is go melee or marksmanship if you are willing to skill up again and save yourself a lot of pain. I am too lazy to skill again...


    @supremefist sorcery is viable but you need at least 70 spiritualism. However a melee is far easierto/more effective to play currently.


    It seems like most of the top PvPers use Archery as well. Now, I'm new to the game, so maybe there are some who don't, but if this is the case, I would assume it's due to lack of metal armor/shields, which I believe they are working on. So hopefully that changes things, and balances out the spectrum a bit.

  • @Phaust You mean blacksmithing its not cause of that strongest gear is found on bosses and there is plenty of melee weapons and heavy armor on them.

  • @Namus Thanks, that's exactly my experience! Rolling marksman with spiritualism... :)


    @Namus Fair enough. As I said i'm new, and I haven't seen anything yet in the way of heavy armor. I have a feeling those bosses are monopolized by the geared people at the moment. But eventually i'll get there.


    @Phaust A lot of pvpers use marksmanship because the acid crossbow is very easy to get and is the best pvp bow. It has 4 awesome combat arts. Precision (guaranteed hit) moving shot (fire while running) lethal strike (stop healing for x amount of time) and acid soak (good dot) Marksmanship is also great in pve. My warrior pvper uses mauling and marks max but of course I am sacrificing 100 skill points that could be spent on a support skill.

  • This post is deleted!


    I don't recall ever saying player skill was not important, or that gear was how you win in this game. So not sure what your comment is reflecting. All I said was that I have a feeling that the bosses in this game are controlled by the geared/experienced players.

  • @Clavicus that means it's not viable... 70 spiritualism > 100 sorcery in so many ways... ridiculous skill...


    Yes I just tried sorcery about 30 minutes ago and I see this interrupt problem. You gotta be able to dodge the enemy or have them unable to attack you to be playing pure sorcery. Playing a solo pure sorcery build would definitely be bad in pvp. If your spell to lock the enemy(if there is such a spell?) from attacking you gets interrupted, you would be unable to further cast any more spells except for the fast ones. It seems to me sorcery is only viable in a group where you are not in the front line.
    And what Namus said about targeting is definitely a problem when many things are on the screen. The only thing I could recommend is to click and drag on your target to bring up the health bar. Then click the health bar when casting spells.

  • @Eggbell if you`ve targeted something and cast on it once already you can use Last Target hot key to direct subsequent attacks at that particular target.Bind it to space bar for example.

  • Pure sorcerer is viable in pvp and its getting better on each update.

  • It sort of viable in PvE, but you really need to spec into it completely, both with skills and with gear. You need max meditation, as much mana regen as you can wear, and staffs with enhanced spells.

    The amount of spells you can actually use are VERY limited, which seems like like a big trade off considering you have to invest ALL your skill points and sacrifice defense on your gear just to be effective. Not to mention the cumulative cost of all those essences. It basically costs you argents every single time you attack, and you can spend more than some monsters drop.

    I've been getting by with enhanced fire orb, and try to just keep everything burning. If I didn't have so much time invested in lockpicking, I'd drop that for poison to help with noxious plague.

    My biggest gripe is that it's so limiting. You have so many more options with combat skills which only require a commitment of 200-400 points (weapon, tactics, life and stam regen). That still leaves room for plenty of support skills. You can easily swap out weapons with different effects and tactics for different situations. With sorcery, you need to commit every single skill point you have, and in return you are limited to a small handful of spells you can actually use. Then there's all kinds of additional costs and restrictions on top of that.

    Staff fighting as a combat skill is hilariously useless. I leveled it to 75, and my damage didn't increase at all the entire time. I know it's not supposed to, but what a useless skill... And yet you absolutely need it just to bring your interruption rate.

    The magic mods you would want on gear are Man regen, Mana cost reduction, and +mana/int. Unfortunately, you never see those three together. Mana regen always seems to be paired with magic reflect. Physical damage mods on non artifact weapons go up to 25%, but magic only 10%?

    Don't try sorcery as your first character. Get yourself a Blood Talon and go with mauling. Then try sorcery on an alt you can devote to it completely.

  • Could you imagine +20% damage on multiple items? With 30% magic resist thunder bolt deals 55 damage to me. Not to mention powerful combos that could nuke a person.

    Also, staff fighting is being improved as was stated, right now the dodge factor is what makes it extremely important if you don't wanna run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

    Either way, with how easily dead killed holya in that match, I think sorcery is very viable and am currently building a mage.

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