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    What do you guys about implementing a ticket system for the garbage stuff? I mean there can be a box or something that you put a piece of anything and get a ticket for that (the amount of the tickets you get might be adjusted depending on the quality of the stuff) and with the tickets you can get dyes, decorative stuff, fancy hats or anything. I think that would prevent all the garbage we see on the floor.

  • @Chipli Nice idea i like it.

  • Giving rewards for throwing things out? Why not just put a trash bin inside of the bank?


    It's how I got my orange fro in up. I wear it to this day.


    @Xanthirius said in Ticket System:

    Giving rewards for throwing things out? Why not just put a trash bin inside of the bank?

    Well there are two reasons, firstly this will presumely stop people on the ground and even if they do some other people will pick them and put them to the trash bins.

    Secondly it is a tested game mechanic as UO vets would confirm, people go crazy on tickets and it also creates an economy for ticket sales.

  • This sounds like a really great idea. The amount of garbage in the bank is astonishing. I'm sure that getting some simple, utility rewards for those tickets would keep people from throwing things out. Maybe some good quality healing items?

  • Why tickets when you can just pick them up and sell them? At least the things you can sell.

  • @Roundwaters
    People go crazy for points that they can get for doing pointless things. It would make people think twice before throwing something onto the ground and littering, because in case of this system being introduced, by doing so, they might be missing out on potential rewards.


    Also you will be getting things with tickets that you cannot get with argents such as dyes, fancy hats, decorative stuff for your realm. The limit is devs imagination :)

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