Multi-account rule, re-evaluate.


    Most games have multiaccounting as a bannable offense. I'm not talking about having multiple accounts, but rather, using multiple accounts at the same time. I never truly understood the reason for this, until Holya. It is quite clear now as to what needs to be done to put things in a more fair atmosphere... Ban the usage of multiple accounts at the same time. This would put a stop to the scouting problems this game has, because quite simply, no one wants to sit in one spot inside a game, doing nothing but remaining completely still and hidden for hours at a time just to spot someone. And yes, for this niche market game, this rule should be applied, because even games like UO banned multiboxing making it a bannable offense for all accounts in question.

    Further, this rule will help greatly should others decide to use this method of scouting. Imagine when it goes free to play, every single dungeon, every single realm, 1 hidden alternate character with a bot that alerts you to a players presence. How can you prove its a bot or not? You can't, because its just an alternate account sitting in one spot doing absolutely nothing but giving vision to the owner. If this is the case you might as well add player dots to all of our ingame maps since everyone will just have vision of everyone else by using this method.

    Sure just holya and few others are doing this now, but what happens when everyone does it? It every dungeon? At any point of interest really. Look at the big picture, multiaccounting is a problem, its not within the actual realms of the game to count as a game mechanic, but rather as a fault in the system allowing others to gain advantage over other players, and currently can be considered a pay to win mechanic as you have to buy another account in order to do this, and I am fairly certain this game is listed as Not pay to win.

  • It sounds like you are just making threats toward the game now. You were told to stop making threads about Holya and the things he is allowed to do. Everything you are trying to bring an end to is going to be very difficult for LinkRealm devs to fix. You want to have single-account users IP watched for when they have the sneak ability activated on one character in the same region as another character on another account connected to the former account and if that player kills another player not related to his IP address, he gets a perma-ban for killing that person in a PVP full loot server with a hardcore, strict ruleset.

    Dude, honestly, save yourself the stress and enjoy the game. You said in another thread that you were only level 80 in your skills and Holya (who I'm presuming to be 100's) is killing you.

    Spend your energy stopping him with the resources you are given. If he can get to a certain point, he can definitely be stopped. Perhaps your approach to get him banned is not a good idea as it seemed at first, when dev post after dev post have validated (most) of his actions.

    At this point, it just seems personal.


    While there's nothing wrong with suggesting improvements for the game, it honestly seems like you're just focused on all the wrong things. You've let Holya & friends get to you way more than it should have. I'd recommend trying to focus on how to become more successful in the game using the mechanics you've been provided, as opposed to trying to ask admins to bring changes that simply benefit you.

    Suggesting game changes should really be more Objective than Subjective.


    Uhh, actually, as I mentioned, Holya is simply the main example since he is the most known to be doing this, and since i'm not the only one being screwed by this, its not for myself, its for everyone in the game. In general having multi accounts online at the same time is a problem as you can see why. Scouting in general is a problem because people are just running multiple accounts that they can leave inactively logged in and just watch, its like having eyes on multiple realms, or a radar that pings whenever someone comes by. This honestly shouldn't be a mechanic in the game, and it really isn't, its being done by running multiple clients at the same time, which almost every game has a rule against. You know the saying "if your right, how is everyone else wrong? Or is it that, your just wrong and can't see it?" Or however it goes? Theres a reason why so many games disallow multi-client aka multi-boxing accounts. When the game comes out free, if its not a rule by then, it will because every guild will have an inactive account logged in located at every point of interest just to jump on people.. Is this really how you want the game to be played? Can you not see the problem that would cause?


    I've played many games where multi-boxing is allowed. Actually hard to think of some where I couldn't. But that's not really the point. There are those who accept the rules, those who can't, and those who try to bend them. Figure out where you fall, and maybe you'll find some solace.


    This is the Feedback and discussion, not the "this is the game, its set in stone, deal with it" discussion. I am suggesting a change and giving reason why it should be changed. While you are not making any kind of point and are basically saying this early access game doesn't need any suggestions and that it is perfectly fine as is....which isn't the point of early access, ya dig?


    I do agree though that when this game goes free to play, multi accounting would surely be used a lot and could be pretty detrimental to the community and feel of the game. The devs must have thought about this because there will also be bots and RMT issues when it is free to play.

  • This guy is so obsessed with Holya... Was he your lover who abandoned you or something?

    About multiaccounting - You should use 'search' button sometimes. We mentioned this issue many times already, but nothing changed.


    @sefer Most MMO's support Multi-accounts. We are aware that this is the feedback and discussion. HOWEVER we also have the right to react and give our own OPINION on the matter. Peace

  • @Vesuva Actually most MMOs do not support it, at least not full loot PvP MMOs (only exception is EVE and that is the reason i am not playing it).

  • Personally, I don't like the idea of having multiple accounts. The way I see it, it'd end up having a ton of zombie characters all over the game's world, just sitting around, doing nothing and I simply think it wouldn't look pretty.
    But that's just my opinion and it's mostly about aesthetics and not gameplay. Regards, D.


    @Namus dfuw u can have as many accounts on at once as u want... i used 5.. and guess what? nobody ever cried about it and that game is far more hardcore than lr ever will be.

  • @Clavicus And you forgot to mention its dead...


    @Namus and you forgot to mention not because of using multiple accounts but because the devs listened to the loudest trolls on the forums and turned their game to shit and alienated the population.

  • @Clavicus 99.9% of that community is trolls :) And Darkfall was dead even before they re-released UW.


    @Namus i havent mentioned anything about darkfall. i am talking about dfuw which is a great lesson to any dev team on why you shouldnt blindly implement changes based on the loudest trolls. anyways ive made my point and won i wont derail the thread anymore.

  • @Clavicus You say you won but i don't recall fighting it out with you. F2P game that allows playing multiple accounts at same time screams use program for multiboxing. Before long everyone will have their own personal buffer/healer in PvP or have bot farm cows for mats while main is in dungeon.


    @Namus you arent allowed to bot... anything else?

  • @Clavicus Your argument is invalid. I know you aren't allowed to bot and first of all multiboxing is not boting it is controlling 2 or more characters at same time and even if multiboxing is not allowed it will be much easier for people get away with it if you are allowed to be playing on more than 1 account at same time.


    @Namus you literally said bot farm cows. please stop trying so hard man. i would also love to see someone control two characters in pvp at the same time not using a bot program. that shit would be hilarious. again.. if you need me to keep destroying your argument let me know. have a wonderful memorial day weekend.

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