• I know this thread might be a bit pointless, but I really want to get this out of my chest.
    I want to apologize to the entire development staff for my own actions and also for the behavior of a part of LR playerbase in the couple past days. After stopping for a while to think, I realized how frustrating seeing all the chaos on the forums and in the game's chat must've been.

    What I'm talking about is the entire affair with a group of PVP focused veteran players playing the game their own way and the outcry it caused. The entire matter was blown way out of proportions to the point it became ridiculous, there was a lot of blame shifting and at some point I noticed the dev team being unjustly accused of not caring about their own game and its community. I want to apologize for taking part in all those pointless arguments and I want to let you know that despite all the noise on the forums your work is greatly appreciated. I think you're creating a great game that doesn't deserve any of this toxicity. Personally, I decided to try my hardest not to take part in any necessary drama, to help create a healthy community. Peace.

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