Some quality of life suggestions


    Would it be possible to have it so that when typing in a textbox hotkeys that we have bound are not triggered. Also noticed that some bound hotkeys like the apostrophe no longer work in chat if they are bound.

    Ambient sounds need their own volume slider. I like that i can turn off certain sounds but I would love it even more if the ambient sounds of an area had their own volume slider separate from sound effects of the game.

    Inventory auto-stacking of same items would be super handy as well.

    Just a few thoughts I had. The hotkey one is really big one I would love to see implemented sooner rather than later but who knows.

    Thanks and keep up the great work guys!!


    I think it would be nice if windows close with the same hot key that opens them for -all- windows.
    For example Alt+S opens the skills window. It also closes the window. I like this!:thumbsup_tone2:

    On the contrary,
    Alt+C opens the character window, but does not close it.
    Same goes for some other windows like inventory(Alt+I).

    Oh and I tried typing in the chat history window(Alt+H), yes it does pick up key-binds. Would be a nice fix to stop that from happening.


    I just hate that you have to press enter to talk. That's nerve racking as it is

  • @Aries If you didn't have to press enter your hotkeys wouldn't work they would put letters in chat instead.

  • If we're talking about quality of life, I have one simple suggestion. Can you make it possible to add to your realm time by the time the expiration warning pops up? It just doesn't feel right to wait one more day with that evil looking exclamation mark staring you down.

  • @Quikdeath all good points, 1 and 3 are already on our list!

    @Deneb it's already possible with Claim Stakes from the Item Store - you can use one of those Claim Stakes disregarding how many days the realm still has on. For Claim Stakes from the NPC Banker it isn't :)

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