Questions and suggestions :)


    I apologize if my English is bad :)
    After playing a few days, I would like to say what I think of LR, and ask if I'm wrong (because I'm a noob) or if some aspects might be improved.

    1. Sometimes even if you click on objects to move them, there is no way to deposit them in your backpack and you have to click several times
    2. When moving a set of objects such as money from a body, it would be nice by default to move them all, and did not see a window to choose the amount, but selectable by pressing another button if you want a different stack (or maybe a macro to loot only the money :P but maybe this is not "old style hardcore" :P).
    3. I have read that the skills are fast and you can have a good character in a little amount of time, but to me it seems to be slower than UO at day one :) (after 70% severing, after 15% lockpicking -- I can't believe someone is opening lvl 50 chests or more).
    4. The respawns as others have said are really too fast, maybe if it's convenient to train with the weaker ones, coming to the stronger ones become difficult, because they respawn immediately.
    5. Ok, it is a MMORPG, but almost all areas are filled with groups of monsters (5/8 toghether) that make it impossible to explore alone, and needs almost always a group (perhaps having 100% and good equipment maybe is different, the problem is getting there in a reasonable time for a casual gamer)
    6. It would be good if the tiles of your realm, in the upper floors, will cover up by deleting them, the objects in the underlying floors, thus avoiding to make them visible in upper floors.
    7. There is a possibility that GM will do quests? It was the most beautiful thing in UO unofficial shards, unfortunately I can not see this type of game as simple PVP or find a group to endlessly kill a boss.
    8. I'm vegan and I will not kill cows for tailoring, we need something different from leather (ok, it was just a joke :P )

    I really love the game and I'm waiting for blacksmithing and mounts, let me know what you think :)

  • It's good that you brought up number 7 because from what I heard realm editor revamp is planned for the future, probably not high up on the priority list, but still. I'm sure giving suggestions about it will make it easier for the dev team. Regards.

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