Some ideas for skills/changes

  • 1 - Parrying / Shields = This is an interesting addition, we need tanks, hopefully this will be added with mining/blacksmith, so that players have the option to go different routes when picking out their skills and their function in a party, group play, or even solo play.

    2 - Dispell / Mass Dispell - These 2 spells should be added to sorcery asap, as a way of countering spiritualism, which I will talk about below. Dispell would remove 1 summon, and mass dispell, all summons in the targeted area. The spells should be placed in the according sorcery tree.

    3 - Spiritualism - Everyone needs this spell, no matter if ur a mage, archer, mauler, anything, if u want to succeed, u need this skill... which kind of makes the game ridiculous, because it limits everyone to having this skill if they want to reach end game pvp/pve. The reason dispell / mass dispell is so needed is because spiritualism is so strong. There's no need to nerf spiritualism, but maybe make it so it needs more than 1 skill to use, maybe another skill to control the summons successfully, or separate the spells from the summons in 2 different skills.

    4 - Stats - 275 should be the cap, and only cap, no elixirs. There's no point in having caps, if you can go over them using in game items, we already have items that increase stats, by raising the hard cap using enlightenment (i'm not even sure how many u can use in total), it makes ur char able to have STR/AGI/PSI, and then again, ur not only a warrior/archer, but u can summon a zoo as well. 275 would help on getting this back under control.

    5 - Magic unlock / Magic untrap - Spells from Ultima Online which could be considered here, maybe not to open higher chests, which require 60+, but maybe to open lesser chests... Magic untrap, to remove traps from the chests that are picked, these could not do that small silly explosion damage, but deal serious damage and poison players if the trap is not removed before opening.

    6 - Lockpicking - I don't know, I just think the skill gain is REALLY ridiculous... is it worth it? Yeah I guess, but it's insane... specially for people who started leveling it after STEAM release and have to fight over many other players to raise the skill... OK, players who already have the skill at a really high level will complain that they worked hard to get there, but I'm not saying to make it easier, but maybe add chests which can be bought to train, and incease the respawn rate of these chests around city maybe...

    7 - Merge spell defiance + Endurance - If that would make it a must have, maybe make spell defiance better, as it is not worth having 100.0 points on it right now... I mean, compare having 100 in spell defiance and having 100 in spiritualism... see the gap?

    8 - Consitution + Invigoration merge / Meditation + Concentration merge - These skills could also be merged in the future, so players have more skill points left to put in something more interesting.

    9 - Sorcery - The new spells are great, and the new schools seem like they will be awesome, however some changes are really needed. Having 100 sorcery shouldn't open all schools and spells available in the game, but only up to 5th circle, and the ones after that only for players who have 50+ in the spell school. Casting heal minor, might, and 1st circle skills shouldn't be increasing ur sorcery past 30, like it is right now, still increasing the skill at 80+... Try opening a 0 lockpicking chest to see if ur going to increase ur skill past 25-30... I'm not sure about the mana cost right now, if players had the stat limit of 125/275, they could be reconsidered, since 60 is a lot... however the spells might be more powerful in the future, yet to see.

    10 - 2 working skills per character - i think its a good idea just to see different players doing different things, instead of seeing jacks of all trades... kinda dumb seeing everyone in the guild being a tailor and a chef, and in the future, everyone being a miner/bs, would be interested to have specific spells for each player, so we rely on each other.

    These are some ideas I have, you might not all agree with them, let me know if any of them are dumb as well, i'm open minded to different ideas.

    10 -


    I like the merging idea, Dispelling is a must as of now, i feel sorcery is pretty weak and i actually leveled marksmanship cause i felt like sorcery alone wouldnt be sufficient, unfortunately i guess i've gimped myself oh well :P all around i like what you are saying.


    Great points man. Thanks!

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