The LSD experience.

  • Well, time to recap my acid trip as best as I can. I was with a trip sitter btw.

    Took a tab, felt strange 30 minutes later, a bit sick, but okay.
    An hour later - blasted off into another dimension.
    I took my shoes off because the ground felt absolutely amazing.

    How was I launched into the trip you may ask? Well, I was taking a piss and the walls turned fucking green,
    the blue febreeze bottle turned orange and continuously began growing larger and smaller.

    I went outside, feeling a bit strange and disturbed at the occurrence, though shrugged it off. I went outside to sit in a chair on the porch (which is larger than I had remembered it being) that was enclosed with a mesh. The color of the lawn changed from green/blue to vivid orange and pink hues randomly.

    I looked off into the sky and at a tree. The leaves began to grow longer and shorter. They had begun to spin like pin wheels. It was so beautiful that I wanted to cry. I went to the tree and hugged it.

    On acid all I can say is you have to feel it, because it's only describable to a certain extent; though
    I felt a sense of unity and of oneness with the universe. I felt as though I was floating outside of my body. Everything would just begin to move and I would get used to it. Everything was constantly changing. Everything has a sort of vibration to it and comes alive, it all feels alive. Still images become amazing gifs that would not be possible to see without acid. You literally will never see anything like it sober. Everything is moving and flowing in a beautiful amazing way. Everything has a trail. I spent the good part of an hour staring at a pink floyd album cover and the planets were just fucking moving and it was like I was actually in space looking at some crazy shit. I was not seeing a picture I was fucking experiencing it.

    (Trip sitter had to leave for an hour, though got delayed a few and II lost my fucking mind during that time.)

    It's a trip in your own mind, however, and is very introspective. It's a lot to handle at once, and if you are not prepared for that you have a rough time coming. LSD is a merciless teacher. If you are not prepared to be "trapped in a dream" or "trapped in your own brain" (something you will only understand if you take acid/shrooms) it will be a bad time. You will battle your inner demons and overcome them and grow as a person. You expand your mind.

    Though this was an absolutely terrifying and horrific experience I cannot put into words I feel as though I have been reborn after confronting myself
    and overcoming my fears and transcending.

    My trip sitter came back, and calmed me down, and I slowly sobered up as I drifted into slumber.

    All over 10/10 spiritual experience, though the physical aspect of it was very unpleasant and strange at times, but hey, LSD is one hell of a drug.
    Be prepared to drink a lot of water, piss a lot, and half a lot of weird little bathroom trips and question whether what you did actually just happened.

  • @reconivitch I don't think it's normal to feel physically sick, but hey it can happen with any mind altering substance I guess.
    But I think you got the perfect description on acid, you don't see things, you experience them.
    Even though I stay away from anything like that nowdays, from my past experiences I can say that LSD was probably the smoothest and most enjoyable trip I had.

    One more thing, if you put the tab in your mouth and it's bitter, spit it out immediately, it is not LSD. It's another, cheaper drug with similar effects, but it's not tested enough and so far it seems like it can cause some dangerous side effects

    Regards, D.


    @reconivitch I am glad you had a 10/10 trip. In my experience being reborn is one of the highest moments I reached in my life, while staring directly at a pentagram for 10 hours straight and realizing my existence on this earth.

    Taking Lsd or shrooms generally benefit me or help me continue to grow as a human being, that being said I have a friend that just so happens to have a lot of money, and while buying sheets of acid and taking it in a regular basis has kept his sanity (almost), looking at him from my perspective this has taken a toll on his body. Just be safe and everything in moderation m8.

    On a final note, the universe is not what we think it is. We can perceive things one way one day in different colours, only to wake up the next day and find the shirt you bought is completely different colours than what you remember the night before.

    Welcome to Tripville, a one way ticket ride around the dark matter of the universe where only specific God's arise from the ashes and overcome tyranny.

  • @Deneb Was some good acid, tested it before and comes from a reliable source, and no taste. It just can affect some people differently physically. It is known to cause dry mouth, raise heartrate, temperature, and blood pressure. I find it difficult to eat and I am detached from my body. I don't like this. I probably won't be doing acid again, but rather try shrooms. Because acid to me is way too long of a time commitment. If I'm getting tied to the back of a rocket and being blasted into space with no control over where it goes I would rather find comfort that if the trip goes bad it's gonna be over in 4-6 hours from getting high.


    Yup shrooms are much better, although it's effect wears off if you take it like 6 days in a row, you kind of build a resistance, persay.

  • @trippyk I wouldn't want to trip every day lol. Most intense experience of my life. Won't be the same again.

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