Trading PvE server Items for PvP server Items


    Have you invested time and effort on the pvp server only to be murdered repeatedly?

    Is the PvP Server just not for you?

    Do you wish those hard earned philosopher stone shards would magically appear in your pve server bank?

    Well I cant make that happen but I can offer a cross server trade.

    I have a good quantity of philosopher stones available on the PvE Server (as well as artifacts from blackwoods like blood talon) and am looking for items on the PvP Server.

    You will have to trade first. We can trade in whatever quantity makes you comfortable.

    Items I am looking for on the PvP Server -

    Philosopher stones
    Hauberk of Endurance
    Death Ward Chestplate
    Death Ward Leggings
    Death Ward Helm
    Blood Pendant
    Runic Helmet with AGI/PSI/STR, Life Regen, Stam Regen, or PSI Regen
    Rare Bless Scrolls

    Reply to this post if interested and we can work something out. Im looking at you @AbbyNormal @PingPongLR

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