Hotkey for Run mode toggle


    I think adding hotkey for toggling the 'player always runs' setting would be good.
    (at least one I could add myself using the settings menu)
    The reason being when I hide and want to stealth, you have to be walking in order to stealth.
    So when in hide mode, being able to walk is important.

    But then when I might be in combat with a player, I prefer every movement to be a run so I can keep up with the other player's movements. When I have walk mode on, sometimes when the mouse cursor crosses the middle of the screen to change direction, my character briefly walks which lets the enemy gain a few extra squares of space. You have to move the mouse very fast across the screen to avoid this.

    I prefer to walk in hide/stealth mode.
    I prefer to run in combat.
    I need a hotkey to toggle walk/run.


    +1 Also i didnt find very importent toggle mode walk/run

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