Realm Crafting, with example downloads

  • Some things to know about realms:

    -Wall blocks, the more you have, the worse the FPS in your realm will be. Doesn't matter it they are all the same shake and skin, still kills the frame rate. Don't go overboard with them.

    -Floors. You can use tiles, but things tend to fall through those. I prefer to use 1 high cubes in the Thick Walls folder. That screws up the stairs though.

    -Nothing happens when you place your claimstake until the next reset. After that, it only takes about 30-60 seconds to update your realm, but your realm will only update if there are no active players in it.

    **I'm terrible with stairs because of the way I make my floors (with 1 high cubes instead of tiles). There's no stairs in my maps, instead I use telepads. To place them I use the below map, which is just a big set of stairs. I load those up, climb to the floor I want, load up my main map, place my telepad, and do that until I've done all the floors. (I really hate stairs)

    Sample Stairs.

  • This realm is a basic big box, 6 floors, which maximizes the available realm space. No doors or stairs, use the Stairway map above to place telepads on all your floors. (Name the telepad and use another named telepad for the target destination)

    It was simple to build. I started with a 20 high block in the Thick Walls folder, put down 4 rows of block for the outside walls, then raised up the bottom slider and repeated the process until I had 6 floors of walls sitting on top of each other

    Click any block, select all identical, then Item Properties, where I picked the skin for each side.

    Once again I select all identical, then hide selected.
    Now for the floors.

    Move the slider to the first floor (not the ground floor), and lay down a 1 high block in between the walls. Slider up and repeat the process. Once I have the 5th floor down, while it is still selected, I move the whole floor up 20 clicks. (This is the only way to get anything up past 100 mark on the very top of the slider. Also, once things go past the 100 mark, the only way to see them is to have something identical on a lower floor and "select all identical")

  • This is my current realm. Still needs work on the roof, and some themes and decoration on the floors, but I like how the outside turned out.

    I used several terrain sprites for the front face, and some 20 high wall for the back. Then in game I've places bleeding Darkling heads and various torches along the outside which gives it a nice effect. Also, if I let my roosters breed out of control, all the birds created fall off the sides and get stuck randomly on the cliff face.

    alt text


    good lord I can't even tell what's going on in that picture.

  • @Phaust said in Realm Crafting, with example downloads:

    good lord I can't even tell what's going on in that picture.

    Feather and fire and rivers of blood!


    I have 300+ fps in my realm :)

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