Tailoring questions

  • I have two questions regarding tailoring. I tried to find some information on the wiki, but couldn't find anything.
    How can I find Sturdy Leather?
    What exactly does increasing material's fame do?

  • @Deneb Sturdy leather drops from bandit commanders or from griphons. Fame increases number of affixes you can have on an item. Not really sure if it changes something else.

  • 1- you can get sturdy leather from bandit commander(downstairs of bandit champ) but it has a low drop rate so it takes time to collect them.

    2- I did experiment about it last 10 days I bought 7k fame tube and it let you craft items that gives + bonuses. However I still dont think it was worth the effort. because I couldnt craft anything worth. I have 90 tailoring and if you craft sturdy leather items in crafting menu which most of them require 120-115 tailoring to master. it gives you nice resistance and with 10k fame tube maybe you could craft something worth wearing but artifacts are still much better I think. becaue there is no way that you can master tailoring in a short time. after 90 tailoring I think it takes like 1k leather to only gain 1.00 point. since I couldnt do any dungeon or something because of 7-24 spying and pks I hoped that tailoring could help me but it didnt worked out for me.

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