Patches and Updates

  • It would be great if we had the date of the next update, or a day in the week we can expect a patch. It would also be nice if we knew what you are working on for future patches Prometheus. For example, you can patch tomorrow, or friday, with this new stuff you are talking about, and give us a heads up on what to expect next week, this way we feel like there's things being done... We know you work hard to fix and balance everything, but like to be informed :)

    Hopefully you'll nerf spiritualism, and buff sorcery soon, it's getting kind of annoying having to level spiritualism in every char to succeed.

  • I absolutely agree with what you're saying. I do know that adding something like that is extra work and something to keep track of, but I would absolutely love some sort of list of things the dev team is currently working on based on the priority.

    I think it would give the players more insight into the making of LinkRealms and would definitely lessen the amount of pointless threads complaining about the same issues over and over again. Which means less chaos and drama on the forums.

    @Prometheus ;)
    Just a single thread pinned to the front page is all that I'm asking for.


    +1 I agree with this , I understand that should be a small group of developers and should be busy but would use a little more contact in this regard with the community.

    This is not to say that are not in contact @Prometheus this very active forum and always respond at all where it is needed .

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