Here my list...


    Here my list of bugs:

    -Cooking progress not showed on screen
    -Food weight is unreal, some food is too weight and other too light (sry for english)

    • On Hotkeys, if i choose spirit spell, their names not correspond to spell name (example: macro say Kamikaze spirit, while on spellbook its named goblin spirit)
    • Tailor quest show wrong material names : examples he say often Enhanced cloth, while he is requesting enchanted cloth, or scaley leather he say scaly leather
    • Drag and drop is something wrong, it has a sort of cooldown slowing the operation dragging items on char or bag, it should be cooldownless and easier to do, actually it freeze sometimes operation

  • To add a few more, it's possible to use practice staff to train staff fighting to 100 if you don't un equip it after 34 sorcery. I took mine off at 87 for the first time before not being able to re equip it.

    Occasionally certain animations such as ice and the realm protection will stick with you after death or just for no reason, but will only appear visible to you. Happened to me once with ice and once with leaving safe zone protection.

    When i died in my realm house that has been elevated above ground level, my body that had converted to bones appeared on ground floor and out of sight due to elevated flooring.

    *Note, I was still able to select it by randomly clicking all around the spot I had died until it popped up.

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