A bunch of suggestions, give me a little attention pls...


    Here they are, after a lot of tests and check, i have to write here some suggestions, hope to help for game develop:

    1- Profiles
    Hotkeys for macros are in common for all players, it should be really useful to create profiles for every characters, so every char has his personal macro set. Actually its really complicated to manage 2 set of macros for 2 players on same keyboard, and with new characters this will become really hard to manage

    2- Prospecting
    I got 100 prospecting, so i can speak as a grandmaster prospecter:
    Skilling this work spell is good, i did it all manually, never used macros
    Skill is fashinating, lovable the use of pans, but it never pay ur time, loots are ALL priceless, from human bone (2 gold) to gold nugget (about 150-160 gold), time invested to catch them is really unpaid, gold should be really much more valuable, even because it require a double operation despite other loots like geones and bones or fossils (use of pan on dirts). just giving a value x10 should be enought to repay time invested i think (its not macroable fortunately, only manual use are admitted so it must repay tme invested)
    I used even Metal detector and finding treasure is ADORABLE, but too complicated and even here it not pay well: i found only 1 chest (killing a small boss), 2 jar of seeds (so low seeds? 24 silver inside? omg), 2 rugged horseshoe. Selling the entire chest loot was about 400.....while only chest value is 500-600, its unacceptable
    Range of metal detector is TOO SMALL, ppl cannot stay with it on hands checking every 2-3 tiles entire map, range should be larger, at least 7-8 tiles, and chance to get treasure rare a bit bigger
    Last advice is to chain prospecting with other skill and other functions : (example, looting treasure maps from rare boss, that need prospecting high to find treasures using metal detecton on that map, and then after u got treasure u need a good lockpicker to open it, THIS chain should involve more ppl and give more fun, but reward should be ok or skill become useless...

    A reagents meter on a little pop up could be useful to see how many spell u cant still cast, just showing the 4 numbers

    Bank work like a freezer on item that decay, but the time remain a mistery, a time of decay on food should help to avoid to lose entire gather....


    Pls ADD trash cans that instantly delete items on cities, its really a shame to see all that items on floors for HOURS, on other games it was confirmed that a lot of objects slow down drastically framerate and increase server lags, maybe here not, but a trashcan could help...


    Why i have to close completely client to change characters? Need a logout on char menu

    New UI is quite good, but there is a thing that i think insensate
    Quest button is so big, like char button, WHY?
    Meantime map button so little, are u really sure ppl use more quest button than map button? Invert them


    ALL magic spells increase even with lvl 1 spell, ppls are doing grandmaster spiritism only gathering souls , and grandmaster sorcery only spamming lvl 1 spell, did u know this? is it a bug? Noone told you? a lamer server?


    Other things:


    This skill need to become a work skill, because it give not a real advantage to a char. I try to explain clearly
    All skill into the 700 pool give something to the character asset
    even poisoning affect offensive spell and combat asset passively, but lockpicking give nothing, it is used only to get items and profit, exactly as a working skill...


    With the new sorcery and the 5 schools, a lot of new assets and possible builds are now available, but with the newcome of other skills, like clairovengence and shamanism for example, the recover skill reduce the chance to get new assets, examples:

    Actually a lot of ppl use meditation and psi recover 50/50 to avoid waste a 100 points, limitating the effects and lowering the chance to get more combo-skills

    my idea was to MERGE invigoration-rejuvination and meditation-concentration,
    so we have a MIGHT recover and MAGIC recover, easier to manage (even for skill use, less macros) and less 700pool consume, giving more chance to use more skill even with a 700 cap

  • As much as I want to agree with you on the lock picking, I can't. Jewelry in this game is a rare commodity. Specifically because lock pick is the only way to get it and exactly as you said, who wants to pick up a useless skill that doesn't benefit in combat? It does by allowing you to get jewelry.

  • So you make an alt to provide jewelery to your main char. It doesn't balance anything, it's just an unnecessary pain in the ass.

  • Which prevents most people from doing it

  • Other than technical changes, like the hotkey rework, your ideas seem like they would unnecessarily make the game too simplified. Lockpicking is fine the way it is, it makes the characters with it trained way more valuable. Also, the idea of skill merging if it comes to recovery is ridiculous, if you want to have a character capable of doing everything, play something else.
    Also you can rank up sorcery and spiritualism using those basic skills to let players macro their skills up. I personally don't like passive ranking up that much, but in a game like this it's only natural.


    @Deneb actually a merge is useless, but think that a really great number of skills miss....in future its inevitable i think

  • A merge of those skills can be dangerous... Meditation gives the lowest regen of all 4... combining it with Concentration would lean mages to leveling spiritualism... and merging invig with constitution would just favor all warriors/archers... so it would be another nerf to mages...

  • I wouldn't mind seeing a split regen skill. A single skill which regenerates two stats, but to a lesser degree than the normal dedicated regen skills. That way you have the option to save on skill points, giving you more options.

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