Release 02 - Minor Update (2.4)

  • Hi everyone,

    this patch addresses two of the major issues reported by players since our Early Access launch: griefing against new players and the excessive healing powers of alcoholic drinks compared to other forms of healing.

    Below is a detail description of the patch.


    1 - The Intoxication system is now live. While before every player could use alcoholic drinks to heal himself and Endurance users could heal even more, now only Endurance users can drink alcoholic drinks quickly, while users without Endurance end up... Drunk! The system is described in detail on the linked wiki page. Players without Endurance have other options to heal: use non-alcoholic beverages and foods (weaker or harder to craft), use alcoholic beverages more slowly, or resort to alternative healing methods such as Sorcery spells.

    2 - The new player protection system is now active. The whole Oak Forest zone (the green area around Riverbank) is now flagged as Legal. A character with new player status in a Legal realm cannot be attacked by anyone unless he becomes Criminal by looting the corpse of a monster he didn't kill, or attacks a veteran player first. Please mind the Criminal status for now is only given when looting without rights, and it's there solely to prevent exploiting the new player protection system. The full criminal system as described here will be implemented in the next patch.

    3 - The Woolly Bear event can now start in the Oak Forest. The loot of the Woolly Bear Grizzly includes materials to complete the Thorn Armor artifact set, available from Jorkrut the Craftsbuck, located next to the entrance of Hades.

    4 - The Murky Ooze and Green Ooze spells are now available.


    1 - The Scorch spell now reduces the Fire resistance of the victim for 10 seconds.

    2 - The new player status used to be lost when a character reached 200 total skill points or 200 stat points. It is now lost when the character reaches 500 skill points or a level 90 in one of the following skills: Severing, Mauling, Markshmanship, Battle Tactics, Sorcery, Spiritualism, any of the 5 Sorcery Schools.

    3 - Endurance no longer doubles the healing of alcoholic beverages.

    4 - Since the newcomer protection system is now active, skill gains in town are once again limited, this time to 50 skill levels instead of 40.


    1 - The issues with Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials should have been fixed - or so Microsoft has told us. Please update the definitions of your Microsoft antivirus to the most recent version, then try removing Linkrealms from the exclusion folder, and let us known if works fine now! Thank you!

    2 - Minor realm glitch fixes.

  • @Prometheus

    3 - Endurance no longer doubles the healing of alcoholic beverages.

    Obviously testing needs to be done, but I'm pretty sure this screws smaller groups/less geared players. x:


    it is compensated by the new protected area
    game is still kicking ur toxic game out of cities :P
    soon only dungeons will remains for your lame conduct

  • @Meziljin Eh, I don't think you understand. In theory this advantages me more than most.

    @Prometheus I'm curious, may I ask what your goal is with this change? I feel as though this will make bad(not undergeared, bad) players far more valuable.


    u take advantage from every thing, but trust me ur not the centre of the linkrealms world, its an interesting patch that open new scenarios that need to be tested...
    Just a little tips for u did is already wrong, where it say "spell casting fail chance", number should be positive not negative :P

  • Casted scorch on me, was with 40% fire res (because of spell defiance), stayed with 40% fire resistance.
    So or it is bugged, or it only Works on enemies or it cant get below spell defiance numbers.

  • Also noticed that skill gains in safe zones are once again limited!

  • I don't think those are the 2 major issues, staff durability and repair kit is a major issue, spiritualism being OP and a must on everyone is an issue... players using enlightenment flasks to go over 275 stats is an issue...

  • @Phrost I've like 5 280-285 flasks, a 293, and a 296. WTS

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  • Another thing that would satisfy the player base is preventing "reds" from being allowed in legal cities and unable to communicate via global safe zone chat. Trying to balance broken stuff is good, but what good is it doing a player that hasn't even reached that point? If anything it just gives vets another lead considering how much closer they are to max. The double heal removal is awesome though.

  • All in all I like your changes. But for pk aspect which is causing problems, the criminal system definitely needs to punish pk's, these players can make legal alts continue doing whatever they want. But the pk char needs to be banned.

  • Make it hard to be a mass murderer, this is a PvP based game, not explicitly designed as kill a noob and take their shit, or kill a noob at a boss and prevent them from getting stronger. Consequences need to be strict while not so strict they can't play it. I'm pretty sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know though. Haha

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Autumn-Charm exactly, you're a mass murderer, not a social butterfly. Act like it.

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  • I don't really care what you do, lol go live your life bud, I'm trying to promote a system where pk's have consequences, this game is risk vs reward. You need a consequence for your reward. Suck it up and deal with it or get out.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't want it to be an explicit punishment to you. I want new players to know that because x player killed them, x player can no longer enter their safety net. It's a peace of mind tactic more than it is a punishment. Although isolation from zones is still a punishment in itself. It just means you as the player needs to find their own work around. There's nothing wrong with that.

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