Release 02 - Minor Update (2.4)

  • @Vetro
    Alcohol should be the the best way of healing simply because of how limited it is. You can't keep on using it forever since you have to rely on the amount of drinks you have and you have to prepare beforehand, so no more nerfs on that one. I hope you're happy to see that we agree on at least one thing.

    If it comes to spiritualism though, those need to be a little bit tweaked. I think that the Heal summon needs an increase in the amount it heals because even though it's pretty much a passive that's not stopping you from doing anything else, healing 5 hp every couple seconds is ridiculously bad compared to any other healing method. On top of that, having the priest spirit walking around, takes away a summon slot, thus limiting your damage output and control over the battlefield which is far from desirable. It's just a bad cost to the pay off proportion.

    And the sorcery definitely needs to be made stronger, I know that there have been complaints about it as a whole, so mentioning this is a little bit like beating a dead horse, so I will try to make it short. While casting the healing spell you can be interrupted, you're left open for attacks, can't cast any offensive spells and waste precious mana and essences while getting a lame heal and on top of that it doesn't come at no cost like you made it sound by inflating the value of endurance, because you still need to put skill points into alteration.
    I'm no expert so I'm not sure on how can it be fixed, but an increase in the amount it heals, or making it a skill that can't be interrupted can make it worth using. Pay attention to the "OR" because doing both could backfire and make it too powerful.

    Those are my simple, not too invasive ideas that I just came up with on the spot, I know they're not perfect and I know that there are better ways of dealing with the issue, but I just wanted to show that it is possible to figure it out.

  • @Deneb For me spiritualism was always op and should be fixed. Without it you can't easly pve and you can't pvp at all. About spiritualism and healing - as far as I remember even well trained cockerels were better healers than healing spirits.

    About sorcery - I don't even try to understand it now, they complicate it more and more with each patch, but still no visible differences.

    About cooking - this indeed should stay as the only way to get decent amount of best healing potions. Otherwise they can just remove this skill.

  • @Vetro The joys of the game being in development I guess. And it is true that Spiritualism is way too important for every character, without it you can pretty much forget about any sort of PvP action. But I don't try to think about early access games for what they are, but for what they can be, so I'm sure that in the future more builds will be viable and it will be a glorious thing to see. I really hope we can come to some sort of agreement if it comes to this topic, because LR's community is small enough, it would be a shame to see it divided.

    If it comes to cooking there's one more thing I'd love to see added to it, who knows maybe it would be a good way to cement it as a worthwhile working skill. The thing I'm talking about is adding some small buffs different kind of foods give? Eating a baked turkey for a faster stamina regeneration, or drinking some whiskey for a mana buff could add a lot of depth to it as a skill. Hell maybe even a system similar to finely crafted clothes, that would increase the effects of exceptional foods. But this is more of my daydreaming than actual idea that I'm trying to hint at the devs. ;)


    Sometimes I think everyone would fall over to @Prometheus and we are very severe with @Prometheus The game is taking the right course here we go slowly Fixing with testing.

    we are sometimes severe and unbearable that we want to see a game in balance for everyone from those who want to devote to being murderers even those who only want to play PVE but with PVP are present in the way @Prometheus you 're doing a good job!

    Rome was not built in two days ;)


    @Prometheus I hate to break it to you man but mages dont cast heal to heal themselves. This change hurts every class not just warriors. Mages mana regen/mana pool is so bad (like ive been saying forever) it just isnt efficient to cast heal on yourself your mana is better spent elsewhere like attempting to do damage.

    Im glad to hear food spoilage is being removed but thats only half of the issue. To create any type of decent food it is WAY more tedious than to craft alcohol. People have used wine since i started playing in 2011 (and id assume before). Why? because you can grow grapes in abundance and they spawn several times per day (5 or 6?) and last for around 2 weeks? or is it 1? Its been a while since ive grown any...

    For a hamburger I need bread... steak.. and tomatos... if i remember right thats about the equivalent to wine which takes..... drumroll please... a grape... Do you see my point? People arent going to be standing outside of town searching for turkeys to kill so they can craft baked turkey. Im not standing in town farming cows for meat just so I can play the damn game and heal myself. People raise cooking specifically to craft alcoholic beverages.

    So I now am FORCED to get endurance just so I can drink the most abundant heal. Why in the world would I want to be playing and think about what my intoxification counter is while i am pvping/pveing? So I need to raise it to 100. Just another required skill dude. Healing should be mindless... at least thats the opinion of "a skilled player."

    To my other point.. I have no idea how much time you guys had to spend implementing this intoxification system... but you guys really need to stop spending time on tweaking things that arent broken or take a much simpler and imho more effective approach. Work smarter not harder. I saw somewhere you said you are having a big advertising push next week.. but why? People have been clamoring for sorcery to be viable/fun for a long time. Instead of having people potentially come into the game and be like wow being a mage blows take the time to add IMPORTANT spells like cc abilities NOW and fix mage mana issues. Create some decent mage equivalent artifacts like crystal aura armor for warriors (like ive been saying) and then have people come in with the new protection system. Let them play their mage. Let them have fun.


    @alonxx we arent being critical to be dicks. we are being critical because we are passionate about the game and want to see it succeed. he has a shitty job having coming onto the forums and dealing with us for sure but in the end I would hope he realizes the reason we take time out of our day to a. play this game and b. make a forum post is because we want to help.

  • @Clavicus Enough Said.

    Maybe kernel crashes solution this year, which supposed to be here like month ago (hey, you already entered EA on Steam, main goal should be making a game playable for everyone at first :|) instead of fixing something what is not broken or making starter staves to lose durability slower (most needed fix ever)?

  • or making starter staves to lose durability slower (most needed fix ever)?

    BTW, you can level to 100 with the starting weapon. It has no durability to lose, so as long as you don't unequip it, you can use those starting weapons to max your melee skills without having to replace worn out weapons every hour or so.

  • @Clavicus @Vetro I know of your passion and your feedback is always appreciated. The bug you mentioned with practice staffs has been fixed already. A series of very significant mage balancing changes is coming with the next patch in a couple days!

  • Is it only me, or does everyne started rubberbanding every 10 sec since this patch?


    @wishy said in Beta Update - Patch 2.1 (06-02-16):

    Is it only me, or does everyne started rubberbanding every 10 sec since this patch?

    No it isnt just you. I rubber band every 6 steps or so and my ping to lr is ~45ms I can't even run after someone because I am always bouncing back.

  • Same here.Not playing for this reason either .It`s only when running as far as i can tell


    I noticed the rubberbanding started to accour when people actually logged into the game :P i'm from EU i have no rubberband early morning/noon but when it gets to evening it gets bad. Server upgrade planned for? ;)

  • @wishy @Clavicus @Siomn @Tenzith this has nothing to do with the server or the latest patch, rather with presence of multiple players in the same realm for reasons we haven't managed to figure out yet related to the anti-speedhack code, which will be revamped in the next patch. Sorry for the issues!

  • @Prometheus said in Beta Update - Patch 2.1 (06-02-16):

    @wishy @Clavicus @Siomn @Tenzith this has nothing to do with the server or the latest patch, rather with presence of multiple players in the same realm for reasons we haven't managed to figure out yet related to the anti-speedhack code, which will be revamped in the next patch. Sorry for the issues!

    I am rubberbanding like mad in my realm and I would know if someone is running there aswell, so I don't think multiple players in the same realm is an issue.

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