Corpse Recovery

  • I'd like to suggest that when recovering your own body that it equips all your gear you had on. I suggest this because just looting your body throws all your stuff into your bag, then why do I have to manually pick up/re-equip all my gear then?

  • @Cloo If you die in real life and somehow come back to life, I think you also would have to strip your corpse and put the clothes on. ;)

  • Sure would but thank goodness I'm playing a game. Its just in every game that has corpse recovery in it that I have played you just get all your equipment right back on, examples being EQ1, Diablo2 and UO. Its just I find running around naked and kiting mobs away from your body hassle enough, doing it repeatedly just to slowly recover armor and weapons just seems unnecessary.

  • The problem with recovering everything instantly is the pvp aspect, besides a few players in top gear, killing people isn't really that easy with heals and all. They need a chance to loot before you can run back and click your body/heal run away.

  • Maybe, but how it currently is you dont even have the chance to recover your equipped items with any reasonable amount of safety if a dude is just standing around waiting to kill you when you come back. Both sides of this argument can just be use blessing scrolls and you dont ever have to worry about looting your equipped items but for people without that option you die you lose everything that's worthwhile and if no ones hanging around your corpse then you get whats left over. In a PvE situation its worse because the mobs will just sit there so looting takes either a friend to come clear them out or kiting them so you can recover your gear.

  • @Cloo
    That's one of the big parts of the game, death is supposed to be punishing. I think what would make it better is getting rid of bless scrolls entirely, but that's a decision for the devs to make.

  • agreed there is no reason your stuff should not be equipped back on to your guy. Because of high lvl players with bless scrolls on all their items, the only thing this issue you bring up does is harass new players. And if someone kills you they have more than enough time to loot all your stuff before you can come back so the thing that Abb made a point of really doesn't make any sense at all

  • I mean I guess, but it's never been a problem for me. Can't hurt to point it out to the devs.

  • Went out a few weekends ago and woke up naked in a ditch. I assume I died and didn't recover my corpse in time.

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