• Hello guys. since there is no cooking menu about alcholic drinks I wanted to know what kind of drinks I can make ? I know how to make red wine and chardonnary and I think beer made by herbs but I also just can buy them from bartender so I wanted to know if there is a drink that you cant buy from bartender and only made by yourself.

  • Mutant Melon juice, the best heal, can't be bought in game. It can only be made by players.

  • hmm where do I find its seed

  • You find mutant melon patches in the wild. When you find one, you have to wait until the melonites mature, then kill them and hope they have seeds. Then you can plant them in your realm.

    Normal melon plants produce the occasional mutant melon, but mutant melon plants give mutant melons and melonites.

  • @Roundwaters are the vines supposed to be permanent?

  • No, they last about 3 days.

    Although there's something wrong with the amount of melonites they spawn. I only get like 3 melonites a day, and they rarely drop seeds. Melonite farming is not sustainable like it used to be.

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