When is this sorc overhaul going to be done?


    Hi @zarconis, we are still releasing Sorcery updates, this overhaul was not intended to be done at once but over a course of time.

  • I don't think ill ever understand devs, I know you guys are always pressed for time but I sometimes wonder if devs ever really play their game all day long once in a while. I mean have any of you tried to play this game with a full on sorc say every day for a few hours for a week?

    If you have then you might understand the frustration players are going through. And by understand I mean to say you might make some fast changes just to "stop the bleeding" or hold us over till you can make the bigger changes you are talking about.

    Yes you don't have a lot of time, and we all get that but you are losing players anyone who goes full on sorc just figures out (often far to late) that their hero is useless then they quit, it takes far too long ot get sorcery up to 80-90 no one in their right mind would turn around and lose those levels for melee or ranged combat expertise only to one day have to do it all over again. So people just quit playing like me and by the time you guys fix stuff a lot of us well be playing something else.

    Suggestion: In order to keep people at least playing your game and logging in every now and then instead of just dropping it for months at a time and never coming back, you devs should probly make some quick easy changes just to hold over some of the sorc users.

    How hard would it be to just take 1 spell from each tier and increase the damage of the spell? or Reduce cast times? or just disable spell interruptions altogether for a time? I mean that is literally like what, and hour to go into the code and just change a couple numbers around inside the already built functions for each spell?

    I mean seriously just go into the code find the spell interruption function and just disable it, done deal throw up an update and boom people are happier for a time. Instead of in game having "this spell is under implementation" or "invocation is under implantation" just go and get rid of spell disruption and put that under implementation. or boost the damage of 5 diff spells or do both! Does it take a lot of your time to just go into the code and change windblast, fireball, and others from crap damage of 8-20 and just type in windblast 20-25 fireball 30-35 Fire Orb 60-70 with burn of 10-15, bamb takes 1 hour maybe and everyones lives are better.

  • I agree with everything you said, and I'll add more:

    Everyone got really exited about this, but it's taking too long to release anything or really improve the skill... Those ooze spells that were introduced today are garbage, one is completely useless for a mage soloing stuff, because it lowers physical resistances... the scorch doesnt lower the players fire resistance if they have 100 spell def...

    meelee/archers and spiritualism continues to be 100x better than sorcery atm...

    Meditation gives the LOWEST regen of all 4 skills... we calculated the formula and put a link up...

    Staff durability is total garbage... mages wear cloth, meaning their resistances are crap already... we need changes ASAP Pain...

  • The devs are always focused on moving towards what they want the game to be, not on what the game is. These are the kinds of unaddressed issues that have been driving away the player base for years.

    You have no idea how long I've been complaining about prospecting. All it would take is making a few new loot tables for a few different areas, and you'd have something that people enjoy doing instead of something that frustrates people.

  • yea last time I played was before steam launch, probably about 4 or 5 months before steam launch. Back then sorc was exactly the same.....useless. So I log on nearly 1 year later to find new sorc spells that do nothing..... same useless sorc armor, same useless spell interruptions making it impossible to cast anything regularly, same useless damage, same crappy mana pool, the spirit tree of stuff is basically what the sorc stuff should of been. The spirit pets can be summoned easily by fully armored warriors, and does far more damage with low lvl summons then top tier sorc spells.

    Its not so much that the devs have made zero progress making the sorc better that irritates me the most although that does irritate and worry me. Its that the complete and utter uselessness of the sorc spells, should have really never happened in the first place, and the new spells the devs create add insult to injury with their uselessness.

    Examples of new useless spells: Hail storm, Just like meteor shower its an AOE attack that almost never hits the enemy if the enemy were to be rooted at the center of the cast for the full duration. Unfortunately whenever you cast hailstorm or meteor shower on an enemy or group of enemies. The enemy AI it seems is programmed to immediately run out of it..... making the spell more than useless. How is this even a thing that exists? New spells such as meteor and comet (AOE spells) damage you and the enemy, and your allies, while this is much like hard core D&D games friendly fire really doesn't work in real time combat with no turns. Bottom line meteor and comet deal no damage, and if they did deal good damage they would still be useless because of friendly fire. Oooze spells that reduce physical resistance? prime example of devs doing stuff that doesn't help gameplay first. While I know this spell is going to be usefull for their grand plan which would be hybrid sorcery builds adding it in before making the sorcerer playable with spells that will help it right now just shows how they are out of touch with what is happening in game at the present time.

    You would think that it would take a dev all of about 5 min to figure out how much a sorcery spell should be doing in damage based on what damage other things in game do if nothing else. For example if I'm a dev and I know that a warrior can hit with a weapon for say on average 30-40 damage a hit then I know any spell that is going to take 3-4 seconds to cast and has a chance to fail if hit, and takes a ridiculous 50 mana to cast which is about 1/4 of a players total mana bar if they have the max mana, should probably do at least 150 damage bare minimum and then I have to factor in spell resistance of the average player or boss mob and I soon figure out that I need to boost spell damage of top tier spells to more like 200 damage min. Even low end spells like gust of wind, or fireball should be doing at least 20-30 for gust and around 40-50 for fireball. These spells are so weak in game and so completely useless it shows the devs care nothing for playing the game they make but rather just use the platform as more of a gallery for which they display and collect their code for concepts and game art for abilities. Some of these issues like spells are so horrible and have been so for so long I almost wonder if the devs are purposefully nerfing sorcery due to child hood trauma playing table top D&D with friends who killed them and teased them with their wizard?

    A bit harsh? a bit cynical? at this point in time they earned it. There is a lot of sandbox competition out there, and I am all for indie developers with small teams, but I cant excuse blatant lack of progress and time spent making stuff that doesn't improve core gameplay first when its so badly lacking in many areas.

  • Well put zarconis.

  • I can say my guild BR that is like 30% of player base of classic server are about to go back to ultima online till profane releases.
    I do not see improvements in sorcery... I only read promises and promises.
    Mages has no good CC, no good artifacts, no good damage compared to other classes...

    I am almost done macroing my mage to find out its still dumb to play him even with 100 in all skills...

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