Every severing artifact sucks but the Baphomet Blade

  • I finally hit 100 severing on my alt thanks to some jewelry, to find that there's only one usable weapon, the baphomet blade. Everything else does horrible damage, and for the most part has the exact same useless tactics.

    The best DPS I could get out of any other blade was with the Wrath of the Amazon. If I constantly double strike, my damage was on par with the baphomet blade without tactic skills. But I can't keep that up the double strike indefinitely, so Baphomet Blade is the only viable option.

    I assume Baphomet is one of the only severing weapons used on the PvP server? Aside from one that are used just for the PvP specific tactics instead of damage.


    PSI Sword is Good. Prevents healing and other stuff.

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